Death to all business pastors


Church is almost on every street, appearing whole and innocent like a lamb recently brought to the world. To an ignorant onlooker, they are ordained and approved by God, but when an in dept observer takes the wheel, confusion becomes inevitable cause within these ‘end time churches’ lies contradictory beliefs, doctrines and strange ways of worship that i cannot comprehend.

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Happy new month to all my adorable readers


The buzzing effect of my phone was the trigger of my awakening as i looked at it’s screen, to ascertain the mortal that have choosed to disrupt my dream of other side of existence. My mood changed to that of excitement when i saw ‘Precious Humphery’ on the screen as i arose hastily.

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Quote Digest of the week


“Dreams are not seen when you sleep, dreams are those that don’t let you sleep.” 

-Narendra Modi

This quote struck me the moment i beheld it. I began to wonder, the real dreams aren’t the ones that comes while alseep. Is the one that’s keeping me away from sleeping. Is 3:21 AM and am still here, trying to make sure there’s a fresh content on this site. 

I have a dream, but that dream is depriving me of sleep.

Controlling your anger

image control anger how to howinspiratick

Controlling your anger is the best thing you can ever do to yourself; am very certain. Ever done something out of anger and later wished you haven’t? That’s one of the situations I have found myself over and over again. You know what I usually do? I try to sleep, hoping that when I wake up, it will just be a horrible dream. But there it stands, snaring at me to take responsibility.

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