My Entrepreneurship Blog is Now LIVE

I have always been an entrepreneur, most of my readers who have gone through my about page can attest to that. One of the major reasons why I haven’t kick start the blog since has been financially related but unfortunately, I have pulled off.

This is my second year in college, in the department of Entrepreneurial Studies and I want to share my knowledge to the world, especially to Nigerians who are still within the rut of recession.

Getting a domain, hosting and a web designer wasn’t rosy at all.. My facebook page, ENTMirror have been live for months now. But it’s all settle and everything connected.

I’ll be writing educative and quality articles on a daily basis. If you have a blog, giving a link to will be so much appreciated. I will definitely do the same to yours.

If perhaps you’re an established or prospective entrepreneur, is a site you need to include in your speed dial. Bookmark it dearie.

Visit for quality articles on entrepreneurship, agriculture, investments, education etc.. It’s going to be fun.