The race is becoming tough

College has reopened and the requirements for the session is huge and has cut through my time. But i know one thing, it takes discipline to improve in personal development. Am a life coach doesn’t mean am flawless. But recognising my defaults and seeking for ways to improve should be a paramount in my life.

Leaving college aside, a lot have been happening in my life that’s making me more and more depressed every passing day.. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, but i know i can have a golden spoon if i want and work toward it. If i can survive this stage of my life where money seems to answer all things, i believe i can survive anything.

Am going to start posting at least, once a week and i will make sure that you’re hugely inspired. If squeezing out time and losing some fun moments will make that happen, so be it.



3 thoughts on “The race is becoming tough

  1. College is bogging me down too, although I’m on the other side–I teach.
    Sometimes the mentor needs a mentor himself, hang in there. Blog when you’re inspired and it brings you peace. It’s hard to give of yourself when you have little to give. I’ll be hanging around, and I’m sure most your readers will too! See you soon! Big hugs, now go and enjoy school!

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