Death has taken from Brazil

Why were we born just to die? Why does tomorrow looks so bright now only for it to turn darky and blurry the next moment? Never in my life have i cried so much for a stranger. I just couldn’t even hold a drop of tears as i watch fans and families of these Brazilian players morn their own.

The coffins of some of the Brazilian Chapecoense football team players killed in a plane crash in the Colombian mountains envoke deep feelings and tears.. The previous hours, they were all happy and jumpy for making it to the finals only for them to become history the next hour..

The players group picture before they took off. 

The wreck that left everone in tears.

The words of the dying goalkeeper have left a scare in my heart. “Jesus, take care of my family, My team needs a goal keeper in heaven.

Chapecoense players morning their own.. Life is too short indeed.

Coffins of the Chapecoense players.

Coffins laid out in the Colombian city’s SanVicente Mortuary with chairs dressed in white left out for grieving friends and relatives.

Fans that were expecting to be thrilled turned to mourners. morning their players in the stadium with tearful candles.

A little Fan that couldn’t hold a tear.

Below are pictures they took before boarding the plane..what would they have done differently if they had known it will be their last selfie?

May their soul rest in peace. 😭


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