About me

About me

Henry Ibeleme Finstar Chidozie
That’s me

Hi wonderful people,

Is me Henry Ibeleme, CEO of EntMirror. 

Have always been the weird kid reading a book in the library or writing behind a swing. My passion for both was what made blogging a sure path for me. Anyway, am studying entrepreneurship and would one day love to be a manager of a renowned company. Who doesn’t love good things? I might even have the opportunity to sing to my team lol, perhaps during end of the year party. Music have always been my anchor.

I remember when I grabbed the mic to lead choir ministration in my local church. Everyone said I was awesome and that was the beginning of my achievement in conquering stage breakdown.

What of my most embarrassing moment? I remember singing a song and it was like my vocal box twisted thereby producing an unpleasant itching sound. I wish the ground would open and swallow me but thank God it didn’t. It was so embarrassing.

I can’t avoid mentioning Miss Kate. She’s a cat and my pet. She was stranded when I found her. I took her in and today, our bond is unbreakable. We have indeed pass through hell together and yet, we survived. I might post an article about her on a good day.

Here in college, am called Finstar *grins* am damn popular and I don’t even know how it happened. Everybody seems to know me but I don’t seem to know them. Sometimes I will have to pretend I know them so that they won’t feel inferior. What have I gotten myself into?

How will I forget my buddy? Not possible if you ask me. Humphery Precious is a hyper nerd dude. Although his major setback is distraction lol.. I met him during my freshman year and he has proved himself to be a friend indeed. He has stood by me when I have no one to turn to. I see our friendship lasting beyond the sun.

Lastly, I have YOU. Is because of YOU that I typed all the above lol. That shows how special you are. We are going to pull down mountains, don’t you think so?

Don’t forget, am Nigerian.

Check out my contact page HERE if you want to reach me… I’am excited..

Now, head over and read some of my articles. Don’t forget to drop your comments.

Head over to my entrepreneural blog 


28 thoughts on “About me

  1. Nice to “meet” you Henry. Keep writing. You seem passionate about it. But, don’t forget, stay humble, and never seek approval. You are “justified” according to God, by His Grace and Mercy, you are “accepted” and may know Him. It’s nice to be “noticed,” but it’s more important to be “saved.” God bless, and keep up the great work.

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    1. How can i pass a post that relates with me in all senses? Not possible if am asked. Have been seeking for inspiration lately but it seems out of reach. The current story am working on is begging for my attention but am so lazy. Thanks for dropping by Steph. See you more often.

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  2. Article on “my ruthless adiction to clash of kings ” changed my life !! Its all you henry who helped me get over that stupid addiction ..thanks and wish you good luck !!

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