Inner Beauty Rocks

Henry Ibeleme the inner beauty image howinspiratick

The inexorable rate at which we pay huge attention to our physique and facial beauty is quite disheartening. Am not against looking good, but being obsessed about it is uncalled for and should be brought to a halt if distraction must be kept in check.

A lot of people, especially those within the stage of youthful exuberance seems to see be in competition of who’s more handsome, beautiful, cute or whatever and when you check very well, you discover that that’s all they can offer. Most guys will waste a whole day being in the gym in a quest for six packs, while the ladies themselves will waste theirs in front of a mirror or salon.

Irrespective of the fact that gyming to keep fit is advisable, it’s still doesn’t make sense to rely your self confidence and worth on something that can fade with time. Yes, you heard me right.. Your beauty can fade. The worst is wasting valuable time on something that gives temporary gratification. Most at times, it’s done just to feel accepted. But there’s something that seems never to fade. Something that defiles the law of time and brings about the components of attraction. Something that gives fulfilment – the inner beauty.

When i was thinking about what makes up the inner beauty, what keeps coming to mind were things of abstract. Something the eye can’t see. I recently met a lady in a concert who seem to naturally displease the eye and within i was like ‘ugliness can indeed be evident for all to see’. But immediately she mount the stage, a beauty to behold began to emanate from her. God! She can sing.

I was instantly drawn to her and it didn’t just end there, i took her digits. When she smiled, the beauty that i was unable to see earlier became so obvious. She was beautiful. Physical beauty can attract a person, but what keeps them is the beauty from within. Your character can make up your inner beauty. Your intellects and talents. Your skills and even how confident you appear.

What usually draw people to me is definitely because of how well i can handle any topic of discussion and how quickly i’m able to adapt to stangers and talk like we have been friends for years. Another person might look beautiful just for doing something better than the other. The inner beauty is what keeps our relationships and family together. Take it away and we will all crumble to the ground

The pain i feel whenever i see i see a beautiful face with an empty skull is better imagined. It’s really a huge turn off for me i must say. But having a beautiful face with something of worth upstairs can be such a terrific combo. 

Look nice, have a nice haircut, wear cool dresses and make up your face. But in all that, don’t overlook THE INNER BEAUTY.


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