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Wooooww! Is Quote Digest, first of it’s kind in this blog and am super excited.

I was wondering yesterday, i love quotes, inspiring ones especially. I usually spend time over a quote, trying to assimilate the message therein, trying to know and understand the situation of the author and of course, his feelings. What i cared most was how my life can be changed over a quote, i mean, the positive impact. Is always a terrific experience when dwelling round a quote.

Our first Quote was on Monday 11th July 2016

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Love is the fabric of the world howinspiratick quote

What is life if it's purpose is unknown? Howinspiratick quote image

Introversion is a disease howinspiratick quote image

Your purpose of existence is your compass to your destiny howinspiratick image quote

If you want a new taste, change the cup howinspiratick quote image

True friends stick together like a glue howinspiratick quote image

Life is uncertain cause is filled with uncertainties howinspiratick image quote

Guide your heart the same way you guide your home howinspiratick image quote

A friend is someone who knows your past, accepts your present and believes in your great future howinspiratick image quote digestLove howinspiratick mother nature imageGreen is the language of life image howinspiratick

Life will be beautiful if only you believe in it's beauty - Henry Ibeleme