Month: July 2016

Guys do cry


I ran and ran, away from the phonebooth, away from the world. My existence is probably a mistake and the only thought on my weary mind was suicide. Tears was building up with great exaction and i could feel it boil without mercy, without care of the vessel that houses it.

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Quote Digest of the week


“Dreams are not seen when you sleep, dreams are those that don’t let you sleep.” 

-Narendra Modi

This quote struck me the moment i beheld it. I began to wonder, the real dreams aren’t the ones that comes while alseep. Is the one that’s keeping me away from sleeping. Is 3:21 AM and am still here, trying to make sure there’s a fresh content on this site. 

I have a dream, but that dream is depriving me of sleep.

Controlling your anger

image control anger how to howinspiratick

Controlling your anger is the best thing you can ever do to yourself; am very certain. Ever done something out of anger and later wished you haven’t? That’s one of the situations I have found myself over and over again. You know what I usually do? I try to sleep, hoping that when I wake up, it will just be a horrible dream. But there it stands, snaring at me to take responsibility.

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What does your pastor preach?


Every individual in the ministry have a different calling. Some are ordained to preach righteousness, prosperity, healing, faith, success, leadership and so many virtues pertaining to the kingdom. But there’s a higher goal; the ultimate purpose of their calling is narrowed to salvation. But can you remember when last your pastor preached about that?

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