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Inner Beauty Rocks

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The inexorable rate at which we pay huge attention to our physique and facial beauty is quite disheartening. Am not against looking good, but being obsessed about it is uncalled for and should be brought to a halt if distraction must be kept in check. Continue reading “Inner Beauty Rocks”

​Don’t Forget To Serve Yourself Happiness

​Don't Forget To Serve Yourself Happiness

It was just like every other Sunday; but the end proved it was unique cause i got a deeper understand of an overlooked life reality. After the service benediction, the youths had to meet for a very crucial meeting and at the process, wines were given to be shared. I took the wine and began to pour on every waiting hand with a glass as i get consumed with gladness. I finshed sharing, everyone was beaming with smiles and indeed, my heart was satisfied for being part of their happiness. I went back to my seat only to discover that i have forgotten to serve myself a wine.

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Everything Happens For A Reason [A moral story]

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A story is told of a king whose hobby was haunting. A week would not pass and he did not go for some hunting expedition. He always went with Jon, a close friend with whom he grew up. The friend has a habit of looking at every situation that ever occurred in his life-positive or negative – and will remark, “This is good!”.

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The Mystery Of Time

The mystery of time howinspiratick Even when the world seem to be at a standstill. When time itself seems freezed with all of nature lying dormant. It becomes the only force whose effect is felt even at the unlikeliest of all places. It keeps rolling away like a log from a mount. Soaring like a dauntless eagle; circling round it’s orbit with no care of the mortals she governs.

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Discover your purpose in life


One of the things that can change a man Is not when he hits a jackpot, is not when he graduates from college neither is it when he settles down with a wife but when he comes in contact with his purpose. The joy of knowing who you are and what you are meant to accomplish is undescribable, but is very disheartening to note that many purpose lay undiscovered.

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Your mind, your only limitation


The most powerful tool for success is the mind. The ranging battle going on in our mortal mind is breathtaking and overwhelming. Imagine contradictory thoughts flooding in and out in an earnest battle to win, to influence our decision and ultimately, take control of our action. What hurts the most is when negativity remains the dominating occupant.

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How to be your best


Everybody seems to be in a haste to overtake the other, to run longer distance and then receive praises of being the best. It can be satisfying especially if you turn out being the winner, but is more fulfilling if you do your very best in any field. That is, unleashing the full potentials within to do whatever activity your hand is found doing rather than allowing the other person influence on your ability.

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