The Night Of Woes

Valentine howinspiratick the night of woes Henry Ibeleme

Tonight is going to be the night of all nights. The most beautiful mortals have ever behold. A night where the birds sings without a moment rest. A night where you get lost in his eyes and his enchanting alluring voice, captivating. A night where the twinky stars become more visible.

He’s going to treat you as if you were princess Cinderella herself. He will hold your hands like the most delicate of all ever known. His gaze will consume you and his gentleness, out of this world. 

He won’t be restricted by mere money. He Will spend it all on you. He won’t be restricted by time, there will be lots of it. You will feel like a woman for the first time in your life. A feeling that has remain dormant within. Tonight will look like the only night that will ever be. Tonight will erase your plans for other nights. He’s stares, his voice and gestures will assure you that.

But remember, even the devil himself can act as an angel of light flawlessly. Remember, there are many more nights ahead. I really want you to remember that tonight is nothing but a mere illusion of love.

Red candles don’t dissipate love. Roses doesn’t foretell of it’s power. The only purpose tonight might serve is the planting of a seed into a fertile land which may become a ripe bountiful harvest 9 months from now. Don’t be deceived. Your dignity worth more than mere ice cream. It worths more than a mere suya or roses. In fact, no gift equals the importance of your dignity. 

Don’t feel like you owe him. Don’t you ever have such a stale guilty of a feeling. What’s love if it’s not selfless? What’s love if a condition is placed? It is indeed nothing but LUST.

Forsake my advice, and you will see the devil in him moments after. Forsake my advice, and you will start seeing signs of a disease. Forsake my advice, and a cry will be heard 9 months from now. Forsake my advice, and you will be filled with shame and regrets. ‘Had i known” might ring evidently even to your own ears.

Valentine is about selfless love. It’s about visiting the less privileges. It’s about changing the world to LOVE. 


Happy VAL from Henry Ibeleme.

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