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How To Overcome Clash Of Kings Addiction

How to stop clash of kings addiction picture

Clash of Kings is an online multiplayer game that allows players to play as Lord over an empire. They can join an alliance or join an already existing one to get protection and wage war against their enemies. One of the amazing feature this game has is the interactive platform where players all around the world chat with each other; and that makes it even more hard to stop.

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Guys do cry


I ran and ran, away from the phonebooth, away from the world. My existence is probably a mistake and the only thought on my weary mind was suicide. Tears was building up with great exaction and i could feel it boil without mercy, without care of the vessel that houses it.

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Your mind, your only limitation


The most powerful tool for success is the mind. The ranging battle going on in our mortal mind is breathtaking and overwhelming. Imagine contradictory thoughts flooding in and out in an earnest battle to win, to influence our decision and ultimately, take control of our action. What hurts the most is when negativity remains the dominating occupant.

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