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Be real to yourself

Be real to yourself, you don't need to hide who you are t feel accepted. Howinspiratick image Henry IbelemeBecause of our insufficiency, poor background and conditions, we have intentionally wear a disguise mask that we feel fits into the society. Funny enough, we claim to be something we aren’t, brag about an achievement that seems miles away and surprisedly, such can be achieved if ACTION is put to place. Instead, we usually see such as a fragment that can only serve well as a camouflage – a vital piece that can’t be reached.

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Learn to overlook the flaws

image overlooking the flaws howinspiratick

No one is without flaws. Even those who look physically flawless will agree with me. But what if yours is very visible to all? What if your flaw is eating deep into your self confidence and happiness? Then learn to overlook your flaws.

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