Journey To God Realization

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Our purpose in life, the purpose of our existence is simple to the enlightened, but complex to those yet to be exposed to the truth – the reality of life. The mind has accumulated so much conflicting doctrines and beliefs that has made focus an impossible thing. These thoughts have brought forth depression and derangement, but knowing the truth, not your truth but TRUTH makes a lot of difference.

The circular motion of life is where truth can be revealed.. But many won’t grasp this simple quest cause the mind is lost in a conflict. Man itself journeys round a circle until complete enlightenment about SELF and the UNIVERSE have been reached.

I was born a Christian and still attend church. But that doesn’t in any way discard the many questions religion is yet to answer. But i know there’s a truth, at least, an atom of truth therein. Because of numerous contradictions and flaws, i began to have doubts in the Christian God. If he’s omnipotent, omniscience, and omnipresent, why test man when he already know the outcome? Like planting the tree of good and evil when he already know that man will fail.. The Trinity talks about a triple God in one. Why sacrifice himself to appease himself for the atonement of those he created?  No evil or anything unholy can enter heaven, how did jealousy impose itself on Lucifer? Or was there another Satan somewhere, tempting Lucifer? The universe is so vast that it’s sometimes labeled multiverse because of its infinite nature, why choose to throw the so called Satan down here on earth?

These loopholes made me to consider a part in atheism, I did. But i couldn’t go through been an atheist for a week. Atheism itself defiles logic.. Like the theory of something. coming out of nothing..really? That’s flawed logic. Being an atheist locks out every possibilities about the reality of life, and they abound.

Later in life, i meet a Satanist. I’m just someone who’s open minded and ready to learn and know. I learnt a lot from him, but all weren’t truth,  but i was thankful, I have gotten another piece of the puzzle. Everyone i met had one or two to contribute to my journey of life, i prefer to call them destiny helpers cause they were helping the true knowledge of who I am.

In a recent thread by Billyonaire, i shared a piece that made a lot of sense. Mind you, the Bible isn’t a complete trash, truths abound, the problem we have is, can you see it? Life is a puzzle lol… Even pastors and strong believers are yet to decode the mysteries. 

“Let us create man in our own image” according to Genesis.

For this statement to have been made means, man must have been existing already, but in a different form. Take your time and grasp this. It’s like saying, let’s create a car in the image of a plane. Car is already in existence. If i say, let’s create fkwiyfd in our image, you’re gonna be real confused cause such thing doesn’t exist. Now this makes sense. How did the ‘gods’ know what to create it weren’t in existence already?

This discovery opened me up to a whole lot of possibilities? There exist MAN, in a different form, dimension. Some of us have come in contact with them. They are extraterrestrials, but not our god. I began to dive deeper into mysteries. As i journey, being a lover of science, i could no longer use science to validate my findings cause it was limited of things above the physical. The only validator i had once ME. The real PERSON inside of me.

I began to practice different sorts of mediation, at first, it was to relax myself after a stressful day. But as time went on in mediation, i began to see myself look through a veil. Like, looking through a window.. I’m not this body, i am in this body. I was like jeeezzzz! I got serious this time. I was awaking something that has lay dormant since birth. I went on YouTube, watched a lot of videos on lucid dreaming, astra projection, soul travel and a whole lots of mysteries. It wasn’t easy to master but i sailed through. Most of the things i learnt from my Satanist friend really helped. Did i mention that i was also in a witchcraft Facebook group? Damn…. I learnt a lot from them.

The main purpose of man was to come to SELF REALIZATION. It really doesn’t make sense, to get born, struggle through life, make it and then die off. Nah…! There is a deeper purpose. 

Many of the distractions man is facing comes from technology and the pursuit of money. Getting enlightenment about life makes everything meaningful and easy.. It’s like looking at thw world from a vintage point. You become a go. How to make money and get your wishes fulfilled become an easy task.

A passage in the Bible said, “First seek the kingdom of God, and every other things shall be aded unto you.”

I’m surprised that many are yet to understand that passage. The Bible is like a puzzle…

Lemme state here that the purpose of your existence is to attend godhood. Until you have done that, you will keep getting recycled back to earth – reincarnation.

I’m still journeying, journey yours!


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