​Don’t Forget To Serve Yourself Happiness

​Don't Forget To Serve Yourself Happiness

It was just like every other Sunday; but the end proved it was unique cause i got a deeper understand of an overlooked life reality. After the service benediction, the youths had to meet for a very crucial meeting and at the process, wines were given to be shared. I took the wine and began to pour on every waiting hand with a glass as i get consumed with gladness. I finshed sharing, everyone was beaming with smiles and indeed, my heart was satisfied for being part of their happiness. I went back to my seat only to discover that i have forgotten to serve myself a wine.

It was an awkward moment though and as i sat there to ruminate over it, my mind spinned off to life realities. It’s noble to make everyone happy, to put a smile on everyone’s face. Sometimes we want to help even everyone on the street in any little way we can. Whenever I see beggars on the street, i keep daydreaming about being rich enough to take them off the street. But one of the greatest mistake we often make is forgetting to serve ourselves from the same portion of happiness. It doesn’t make you selfish rather, it helps in the continuation of that benevolent trait of yours.

Being on the helping side always is what everyone should crave for, but never you end up suffering in their expense. Don’t get downtrodden because of the need of people around you. Why not make yourself happy by hanging out in your favorite spot? make up your face a little and look beautiful.. You don’t need to look sick just to see others healthy. For Christ sake, you’re not a Messiah but a human. Irrespective of how we help, it can never be enough.. So, affect lifes in any way you can, but never you neglect yourself.

In one of my articles, How to live happier everyday i said something about happiness being a choice. Is a mere decision but when that decision is backed up with action, happiness becomes evident. You have made a decision to be happy and you have made it possible by engaging in the things you love. That is, making happiness a reality in your life.

There is happiness in making others happy. But when you neglect your own feelings, the euphoric happiness fades away like a dew. However, when you create a balance between them and you, everyone reaps abundantly from the tree of happiness.


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