You Are From  A Powerful Bloodline

You are from a powerful bloodline

You are from a powerful bloodline, a generation of winners. You’ve got all it takes to change the face of the world. Not knowing how powerful your ancestors were is like a blindfold that keeps you in darkness. Winning is in the blood and not in struggle.

Many a time, we don’t seem to know the abilities we posses nor do we believe in our potentials to make a different even in a world filled with so much chaos. We talk so cheap, take each day like every other day thereby overlooking the little we can do that’s capable of making a different.

The first season movie i have ever watched showed me how the blood of our ancestors can greatly influence on us. If you have watched ‘Legend Of The Seeker’, you will understand more of what am saying. Irrespective of how foolish, lazy or fearful you might be, when you get enlightened about the make up of the fluids in your vein, the rewards of enlightenment becomes yours. You become a different being ready to pull down  roadblocks.

When i was still a kid, i remember sitting in the verandah, asking my dad questions upon questions about the past generations and him, being the type that always seek for ways to motivate me never cease to grasp the opportunity.

“How was grand father like?” I will ask as he will smile, patting me in the head.

“He was a wise man, a successful businessman and an amazing singer during church service.” He had said laughing at the last phrase.

“What about great grandfather?”

“Emm.. I.. I don’t know much about him but from what i have heard, he made a great impact especially during the coming of the missionaries in Africa.”

“Wow..! I will love to be like great grandfather. What impact have you made daddy?

He seemed to be taking off guard by my question as he wave his head a little as if trying to recall an achievement. 

“I have change the lives of those around me in the little way i can, but i believe you will make a greater impact in your time.” He said, looking deep into my eyes that shows how much he believed in me.

I know that if i keep going down my bloodline, i will keep hearing terrific stories about how successful they were. They left a mark that will never be erased.

However, there’s a much more powerful bloodline that surpasses that of the natural. The earth quakes at its contact and chains never seem to remain locked at its mention. We carry the blood of great men ever to walk the surface of the earth. They made a felt difference, they made the world a better place and so can you.

It doesn’t matter if you generations have been thieves, killers, failures or curses. What matters is that a greater blood runs in your vein and you can do exploits only if you get enlightenment, if only you believe.

I have heard a lot of people say, “My dad was a drunkard, so was his father and the father after him. Am doomed to also die a drunkard.” They have believed so much of what the inner voice says that it has now become a mountain to them. Their very words has become their own devil.

You might have failed countless times, you might have made mistakes; who haven’t? But don’t hesitate to stand up, clean yourself up and push forward. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before he discovered the light bulb. Henry Ford failed and not only that, he lost huge funds in the cause of his failure, but he never gave up cause he believed that something great lies within him. Having the bloodline of great men doesn’t promise a smooth journey. In fact, that’s when the battle is more tough.

I remember the story of a gold miner, the miner knew that gold lies beneath the earth he stood and he kept digging. He was full of energy, he was expectant, he was very sure that gold lies there and couldn’t wait to behold it. He went an extra mile to hire machines and contractors to help him dig. After years of mining, he got discouraged and gave up. He sold the land to another miner and it wasn’t even up to a week before the new miner hit the gold.

Don’t ever give up dearie, you’re closer to your fulfillment than you think. Like I have said in my previous article, when the depression becomes intense, when it seems there’s no more reason to keep pushing, that is when the reward is close by. Don’t give up so that you won’t regret. You are from a powerful bloodline!


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