How To Deal With Depressions Of Life

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Some days can be so glommy and sad. Have you ever had a day where all you think about are the vital things that you don’t have? You think about an achievement that looks impossible. The backwardness of your education, career or even your health. You might start wondering about the uncertainties of the future. What does it hold for me? How am i going to survive in this hostile world where everyone is after oneself?

That’s exactly how i feel right now and the depression that follows such cause is better experienced than explained. The draining effect can prompt an individual into suicide if the will to succeed is too weak.

But in all that, the fear of failure must not be greater than the will to succeed. Depression is an enemy and as long as your intellectuality is high and a vision of success a goal, it can’t be escaped no matter how hard you try. In such a long sad day, how do i cope? How best can it be conquered?

Despite all the knowledge and information i have about depression, i still feel helpless even when i think am at the peak of my personal development. It just can’t be helped. It’s a battle that only our mind gets to fight. Sometimes, you just allow it linger till it fade away. But in some occasion, you have to act fast to avert a striking headline tomorrow.

Now ask yourself: What depresses me? What comes to mind before the arrival of that hideous monster?

  • It is money?
  • Your education?
  • Your career?
  • Your health?
  • Your relationship?

Whatever might be the saboteur of your joy; just have in mind that you’ve got all it takes to make it stop and gain control. Even if a physical control may seem impossible, your positive mindset is enough to shake mountains.

A lot of people tend to get depressed when the money is not forthcoming. They have tried all the works in town. All the manual jobs and all that is workable. Yet, the money seems like a slippery ball that slips away after it has been grasped. Everyone seems to be making the money but you aren’t. You might even think that some invisible forces are against you.

Students on the other hand are even filled with more depression, anxiety and fear. “Who knows how my result will be this semester? Ooh! That disgusting imp of a lecturer that have been failing students for ages.. Failing students can be a hobby indeed…” When you hear about the result finally pasted at the board, Your pulses increases it’s beat. You start expecting the worst.

The most horrible of them all is when you battle with health challenges. You won’t really get the full picture of what am saying until you have been confined in a bed for weeks. Taking a walk to your favorite park becomes one of the impossibilities in your life. You might even wish you have the power to switch to another body free from ills.

What of the emotional trauma that comes from a relationship that doesn’t seem to work out for the better? That’s the worst pain the heart can ever feel.

The only weapon we have against this enemy is to stand up with a positive mindset and see possibilities at virtually everything around us. Depression can be halted only if you take an immediate action. Why not go out? Hang around with friends, laugh out loud and hard. Reading or watching a commedy works so much for me. It works like magic. Don’t give up, a breakthrough isn’t far when the depression gets too consuming.


2 thoughts on “How To Deal With Depressions Of Life

  1. Some good thoughts there.

    I find that many people get lost in the why’s and the why me’s and the what’s wrong with me’s. And life seems even more insurmountable.

    I subscribe to the notion “There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with you. Everybody’s got something. You got what you got. Now what are you going to do about that?”

    That might seem harsh but then the alternative is actually harsher.

    And the less one buys into the idea that they are sick and instead buys into the idea that life is for living the best that you can, you get alot more done in life.

    “Keep on trucking!”

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    1. I quite agree with you on that. Sometimes we get lost on what we don’t have thereby forsaking the things that lies in our possession. To get rid of depression, we need to start working with what we have. Thanks for your enlightening comment.


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