Today Is My Birthday

Happy birthday Henry Ibeleme

Wow!!! Today is my birthday and honestly, am not too excited like i expect. I’ve got a lot of birthday wishes from my Facebook friends and calls from my strange admirers. But I’ve got none from my best friend nor my dad. Could they have forgotten?

Am just here in my room, moody and sad. Everyone is going about as if there’s nothing special about today and it hurts so much. I don’t want a cake.. Hell no! Neither am i expecting a car present from them. All i need is a ‘Happy Birthday’ song from the ones i love, the ones that matter in my life.

In spite of all that, am a little excited about Sunday. Am going to testify in front of the congregation about the goodness of God and not without singing a song lol.. They will certainly sing a birthday song; that am sure of.

Over the years, i have laughed and cried. I have found myself in numerous unpleasantness and depression. I have made awesome friends and at the same time, acquire some amazing skills that have made me an attraction. However, i feel so empty, backward and outdated. Can’t even remember the last time i read a book. I only read online whenever i come across one that looks interesting but even at that, finishing it becomes a war. 

My times are not fun either; they are spent trying to achieve success and thinking about what the future holds. These are my flaws and i really need to work on it. I’ve got to wake up each day enthusiastic without having to worry about something I have no control of. I need to always take charge of each day and the numerous opportunities that comes with it.

Looking ahead, I have a lot of things which i wish to accomplish. Firstly, to stand firm in this blog by hosting it and very soon, that will be done. The novel am currently writing has lay abandoned for a long time now and i feel so lazy whenever it comes to mind. I seriously need to do something about this unnnatural laziness. I have to also make more friends, the ones that will add more positivity into my life. I have awesome friends already but i feel like expanding my circle. I need… I need a lot of things which i can’t possibly include here. I believe that if i work harder, sleep less and cut away from distractions, they will be achieved.

One of the greatest achievement i have made this year was setting up this blog. At first, i didn’t know that i was really inspiring people, but the mails i keep getting from my readers are quite terrific. Thanks to you all especially my subscribers, commenters, likers and viewers. You all rocks.

Finally, i want to thank God for leading me thus far. It hadn’t been easy. I pray He add more years to my life. Giving hope to the hopeless looks like a calling and i want to see to the end of it..



19 thoughts on “Today Is My Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday, Brother Henry! πŸ™‚ Bless you, brother Henry for doing something big: You’ve chosen to help those in need and still praise God in the meantime. That’s what I’m talking about! That strong and powerful love for Him. Enjoy your day. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. God has been great and i think this is a debt that i owe him. Am not that righteous but when a friend of mine saw this blog, he said to me, ‘Henry, this could lead you to heaven.’ I just laughed lol.. Have a great day too.


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