How To Overcome Clash Of Kings Addiction

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Clash of Kings is an online multiplayer game that allows players to play as Lord over an empire. They can join an alliance or join an already existing one to get protection and wage war against their enemies. One of the amazing feature this game has is the interactive platform where players all around the world chat with each other; and that makes it even more hard to stop.

I got introduced to this game last two months by a friend and immediately, i got hooked. At first i was saying to myself: “Is just to fight boredom.” But as my castle level grows, it was no longer to manage boredom but to survive in a world that lools so real. Nothing can be more draining than having a game that prompts you to set an alarm before sleeping, or being the first thing you check in the morning. My phone usually rest only when it’s battery have been drained.

I began to find myself at wits end whenever my phone notify me that “Your ally, Lord Thwar is under attack blah blah blah…” And in such situation, you can’t even dare to resist the urge to log into your account and make sure your castle is safe and well defended.

The game was affecting all phase of my life. My social life, education, career… Just mention it. Everyone was complaining but the willpower to stop wasn’t there.

In this article, am going to walk you through the same steps that helped me to break free from Clash of Kings. You too can be free.

Note: This article also applies to other similar games like Clash Of Queens, Clash of clans, game of war etc…
Can you relate to the following? Let’s see how addicted you are.


How to conquer Clash of kings addiction
1. How you dance seeing ‘Defense Victory’ on your phone.
When you can't even remember the last time you chat with your friends on Facebook
2. When you can’t even remember the last time you chat with your friends on Facebook
 Interrupting your night sleep just to train troops, upgrade buildings and gather resources
3. 3. You’re tired and yet, you can’t stop training and upgrading.
How you feel when you notice that your enemy is under attack
4. How you feel when you notice that your enemy is under attack.

How everyone in your alliance feel when a stronger player teleport close by. 5. How everyone in your alliance feel when a stronger player teleport close by.

How you rush to charge your phone when power comes
6. How you rush to charge your phone when power comes.
 How you feel when you're under attack and unfortunate lost Internet connection
7. How you feel when you’re under attack and unfortunate, you lost Internet connection.
How you feel when you lose all your troops in an attack
8. How you feel when you lose all your troops in an attack.
9. When you remember that is 'kill event' but you don't have any shield left
9. When you remember that is ‘kill event’ but you don’t have any shield left

If you had smiled or probably laughed over the above scenario, chances are that you are already hooked just like i was.  Then let’s move to the steps on how to conquer Clash of Kings addiction.

Step 1: Attack the game – Lets say you’ve been attacking castles and alliance with victory mails at every battle end. This time around, you’re going to attack the game itself for real and please; be ready cause it isn’t going to be fun like before.

Quitting COK doesn’t mean you should get yourself entangled to another similar addictive game. It happened to me though. I moved from Clash of Queens to Clash of Kings and you know what? COK became even more addictive.

My advice here is: Quit COK and shun every other addictive game out there. Is not easy though, but you can do it. Uninstall the game before it fills your life with regrets. Sometimes your mind will tell you: 

“I have quit, let me  just check out how everyone is doing in my alliance… Besides, i have overcome that addiction.. Or let me install that game for a sec and remind myself how addicted i was and laugh over it.”

It can really be hilarious but if you act upon those thoughts, you are finished! Don’t even try it.

Step 2: Ponder for a while – You are the only one that can tell yourself the truth; the only one that knows how best to advice yourself. Now ask yourself: What have i gained from playing this game? Okay fine.. You’ve gained a level 30 castle right? Am also a leader in my alliance you might  also say. Now lets cut that off and face reality. What have you gained in real life? Perhaps you are even losing. Maybe you have once or twice, or even countlessly purchase coins using real money. Not only that, you have wasted precious time doing nothing. Time you would have used to learn something new, maybe a skill. You keep losing your social skills trying to maintain your social status in a game.

WHAT HAVE YOU GAINED? If perhaps playing COK was getting some cash into my bank account, i don’t think i will sit down to write this article in the first place. I will even make it my career. But instead of gaining over the time wasted, you end up with a huge debt over in-game purchases.

My precious dear, how do you find yourself in years to come while still playing COK or any other lame game out there? Am sure you’re seeing a blurred future. Is that what you want? Then do something about it fast.

Step 3: Get occupied – A day after quitting Clash of Kings, I had to re-organize myself and revisit some goals yet to be accomplished. Even my blog was suffering.

Find a hobby that doesn’t involve technology please cause we are still trying to break away from one here. Finding something that occupies your time and at the same time, add to your well being is a MUST DO. Mine is writing and doing such ends up energizing me. Peradventure your mind keeps going to that game without a moment rest. You keep imagining stuffs like building, training troops or being king. Just remind yourself about the negative impact and say: TO HELL WITH YOU.

No matter what you do, don’t ever give in by installing that game back. No matter the stale excuses your mind keep giving you, just don’t fall into that trap.

Step 4: Be stubborn – Most of your alliance members might try to contact you. Saying stuffs like:

You were a great warrior in our alliance

We’re incomplete without your insights

We won’t survive without you blah blah blah. Story for the gods..

Just remain stubborn and get yourself busy with the things you love. Mine was even worst. A friend of mine in the alliance swore never to forgive me if i uninstall that game. You can imagine the emotional trauma she put me through. But don’t worry too much over their words. If possible, cut off every means of contact you have with them.

Gather all the strength, momentum, willpower and QUIT. Procrastination can be dangerous and will make it more hard to break away. QUIT and take charge of reality. Is not easy, but today is easier than tomorrow.

Please Share,  you never can tell who you might help.

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10 thoughts on “How To Overcome Clash Of Kings Addiction

  1. I love a plan that wants me to be stubborn. I was addicted to Mobile Strike for a week. A day into it I rage quit, but didn’t realize on an android device deleting the icon only removes the app from easy viewing – so when the notification came, I gave in. In the end I found myself letting the game interrupt my sleep so it had to go. After a day without it the reality that I had wasted so much time for zero real world reward sunk in and I got back to writing. I like the line “today is easier than tomorrow”.

    Wish I’d read this blog post a month ago. Maybe I would have lost fewer days.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Addicted to someone you love? Crushing on? Asking such a question means the feelings aren’t been returned. In such case, you just let go and walk away. It could be painful at first, but as you keep your distance, the feelings will gradually began to fade away. Find someone else who feels the same way you do, it will help you move on faster. It’s painful, but it will save you the distractions and emotional trauma.


  2. Yours was even better. I lost a month and few weeks playing Clash of kings and it hurts whenever i remember it. But i began to console myself when i heard of a Russian guy that spent about $1million dollars doing purchases lol.. My friend that introduced me to the game feel helpless about quitting. I have referred him to this article but i doubt if he has read it cause the Whatsapp message hasn’t be read. Addiction is the worst thing that can happen to anyone and you need to be STUBBORN if you must finally quit. Thanks for dropping by.


  3. Hey and would like to add 5 more points to your article ..
    1) sit and realise i put on earth only to play online games like cok
    2)never be lonely social with people
    3) dont try to make other addicted gamers in your alliance to quit along with you; they will never and even again drag you in ….
    4) love and affection shown by co _gamers is fake ; and its just for their own use and they cant really understand your pleasure and pain of real lifes ….just think if you are no spender and no use will they be so affectionate to you
    5) last but not least…these games are for ones who failed miserably in life and feel achieved in virtual world
    ..if you want to be winner in life…just forget game wins and losses…thanks

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This article changed my everything !!i was guilty and was in shock how a mobile game changed my life !!! Well i went through this article at right time and it has great impact…henry you are great writer !!! The reason why you are so great compared to many other writers is you came through a real experience and analyzed exactly the way it goes !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for the compliments Siva. Our aim is to see ourselves become more than we were yesterday and gratefully, you’re embracing that better self. Congrats to you and remember, keep fighting.


  5. Hi, tonight Im quitting Clash of Kings. I sold my house to spend the profit on the game. I spent over 50000 and now i live in a rental. I will read this article over and over again. Thanks


  6. I was addicted. I played for 4 years. When I started I owned a home and had a job, money in the bank and life was easy. I now have nothing. I spent everything on the game. I’m in debt, sold my house and have no assets . I’m just rekindling my real life friends. It’s been hard.


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