The Mystery Of Time

The mystery of time howinspiratick Even when the world seem to be at a standstill. When time itself seems freezed with all of nature lying dormant. It becomes the only force whose effect is felt even at the unlikeliest of all places. It keeps rolling away like a log from a mount. Soaring like a dauntless eagle; circling round it’s orbit with no care of the mortals she governs.

TIME has been a fascinating subject to me but it seems to be a mystery. At least, it can’t be fully grasped with total understanding but despite that, i keep wondering about its effect on my personal life. However, the complexity and abstractness have made it even a more hectic journey.

Albert Einstein, the all round scientist wanted to explain the concept of time and how it cuts us off from immortals and sadly, death struck. What would he have proved? Perhaps the perception of the world would have been altered permanently with ultimate power at the reach of everyone,. The ultimate power of instant healing, undoing the wrong and taking a peep at the future. Dear reader, knowing the secret behind time will indeed make us gods.

This subject has remained an unsolved mystery to numerous other scientists out there. Some believes time to be an illusion, whereas others see a possibility of controlling time itself. With that in mind, they got engrossed in building the first time machine. A machines that’s capable of traveling through time provided it’s speed is equivalent to that of light.

Our brain has it’s own clock but like always, is swayed by our emotions and moods. Time tends to go very fast when we are happy or over-excited, but slows down when boredom and sadness lingers around.

I remember when i got a new game; it was interesting, strategic, and addicting. Just when I thought i have wasted two hours, it was indeed five hours. Given the power of time, i will forever be lazy. Irrespective of that, it has been my boss and disciplinarian. My heart skips when time flies ahead of me as i strive to catch up with her. Not minding the blockade, not even minding whether I lose my sleep at night. Catching up with time becomes a goal.

My uncle usually tell me that the most precious thing on earth is TIME and gladly enough, the same amount is given to all, both rich and poor. That’s one of the factor that divides the rich and the poor, the wise and the foolish, and even the happy and the sad. If you spend your whole time sitting in front of your TV, pressing your phone or sleeping in your favorite mattress while others are out there working, then poverty isn’t far from you. If you spend your time with foolish folks that adds nothing to your being, then you will become foolish even before you know it. Dwelling around your backwardness without trying to sort out a solution will certainly make you sad.

Time heals when you allow it take its cause. It provides answers to puzzles if you’re patient enough. When you harvest into time, you reap abundantly in the future.

Earlier this year, i planted a corn at our farm not too far away from home. The white grain was quite pretty but the earth was harsh and hard. The scorching sun above was taking it’s toil upon my skin and immediately, it dawn on me how i was suffering. I tilled the soil for proper aeration and when I had rested for a while, i planted the corn and went home.

The time for harvest came and as i trundle down the path that leads to farm, i could feel my heart rejoicing, i could feel happiness within. I harvested all the maize and surprisedly, the output was quite bountiful. I could recall eating the corn with a pear and nodding my head in satisfaction. I invested into time and like expected, got a bountiful harvest as a reward.
Knowing that my actions today determines my tomorrow have been a motivation and also a fear. It motivates me to work harder but frightens me when laziness sets in.
Time can’t be rewind, it doesn’t slow dow neither does it wait. Time might be ap mystery but it’s rules are simple. Today brings forth tomorrow. Whatever that is planted now gets reaped tomorrow. <!–more–

Dear reader, Try as much as you can to plant the right and good seed. Time is a gift, let’s use it wisely.

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