Be real to yourself

Be real to yourself, you don't need to hide who you are t feel accepted. Howinspiratick image Henry IbelemeBecause of our insufficiency, poor background and conditions, we have intentionally wear a disguise mask that we feel fits into the society. Funny enough, we claim to be something we aren’t, brag about an achievement that seems miles away and surprisedly, such can be achieved if ACTION is put to place. Instead, we usually see such as a fragment that can only serve well as a camouflage – a vital piece that can’t be reached.

I once had a loquacious friend who brags about having a dad that works in a renowned government agency. A mum that works in iTunes and it didn’t stop there; all his cloths were bought in a China boutique during one of his summer vacation. You’ve got to see my facial expression during such a bugged day. Very uncomfortable.

He ended up struggling to meet the high ground he had placed himself; and people around keep looking up to him whenever financial matter arises. 

But one day, his cover got blown and sadly enough, he couldn’t face me for a whole month. When he finally did, he became free from his own cage of pretence.

I honestly don’t get it. Why do people who aren’t CIA spices wear such a dark disguise mask around? Such lifestyle is best for people working as underground agents under a classified secret agency. Seems like common individuals are now incorporating such a lifestyle.

A study shows that two out of five college students are living a lie. To me, i could purport that almost 80% of them are. How do i know? Cause i come across them daily here in college and the first sign they usually exhibit is been too talkative. 

You don’t need to hide who you are to make friends or feel accepted. Anyone who doesn’t like your current status is definitely not the type of person you should be seen with. What’s the use of feeling accepted and yet, being unreal to yourself? You could even forget who you are with such a lie.

If am a hawker or perhaps, lives under the bridge. I shouldn’t feel ashamed to make it open. Pretending to be what you aren’t we only lead to more and more lies. Your daily quest will be to cover up your lies which isn’t freedom but hell. There’s none like you in the world. You’re unique and awesome. Never you hide that because you feel intimidated.

I love one of T.D Jakes messages, it says:

 ‘let go if you dont feel accepted.’

I felt a sense of approval the moment i heard such a powerful podcast, it was like someone; somewhere was governing over my life and acting like a fairy mother. Telling me the way to go and the decisions to make.

Don’t be afriad to be real, the fear of rejection only comes to your mind, trying to analyze the worst possible scenario that’s likely to happen which is quite normal. But acting upon such impulse is indeed a shortcut to unfulfillment.

My dear lovely reader, know that you’re unique, a genius and the world will feel incomplete without you. Don’t make it feel incomplete now by living the life of someone who doesn’t even known whether you exist or not. Don’t live a lie. BE YOURSELF!


7 thoughts on “Be real to yourself

  1. I don’t have the feeling to ‘wear a mask’. I usually don’t do things that I do not want to do, and usually I also do not lie. But sometimes I do things I do not like just to be pleasant to some people. I should not, but it’s not always easy. You’re right saying that we should be real to ourselves but we can’t be ourselves all the time. I think so.

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    1. I appreciate your comment but you seems to spill off the wheel a little. Sometimes, we tend to do something different and we think it isn’t us or part of us. But in actual sense, was an attribute that has lie dormant all these while.

      This article was all about being yourself and not a lie just to feel accepted. Leaving a lie is an unsatisfying journey and you won’t be fulfilled at the end. But doing something good and entirely different from what you are known for is what personal development is all about.

      Thanks for coming around.

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