​Animals Knows Love And Lost

Animals knows love and lost. Howinspiratick

I woke up this morning feeling so tired and sluggish; doubtlessly because i slept late the previous night. What contrived this morning a sad one was the barking of my neighbour’s dog, Jimmy.

I was propelled beyond my will to go check-out what was happening cause commotion was slowly stirring up and the barking, getting more intense and loud. I went outside only to see poor Jimmy in tears and anger. Her boyfriend or perhaps, husband was killed last night by touts in the village who have refused to be useful to themselves.

At a spot i stood, trying to comprehend all as Jimmy keep running around like a man that has lost everything that made him a man. She was quite in a confused state of not knowing what to do next as my soul sobs.

I knew the dog that was killed. Although his owners are unknown but he had once slept in my room and it was so adorable watching him sleep. I just can’t rap my finger around this; why would a stable soul decide to harm and eat an innocent creature?

What made me to grab my pen to write about this incident was how Jimmy reacted over the situation. She knew that her beloved is dead and never coming back and it was so huge to take in at once. It was a painful exit and it really brought tears to my eyes.

As i write this, i could still hear her bark and my heart keeps melting at every bark and roar. So an animal can have such great love for another? This morning proved that animals have experienced love and lost just as we humans.


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