Know The Two Seasons Of Love


Love have been given a lot of names by sons of men. It has spun the mortal mind because comprehension is out of reach and it’s application unknown. Love is the fabric of the world. The throne upon which sat the universe and the most powerful magic of all which has proved mystery to mystic gods.

Love is an entity many have looked down upon, misunderstood and branded evil by mortals who lacked understanding. But is no doubt the most terrific feeling of all.

To a child, love is when mum comes back with a candy in hand. To an individual on the verge of maturity, love is when someone dominates your mind without a moment rest. To a begger on the street, is when you drop some money in his plate. 

But now, what actually is love? How can we grasp the ultimate power that it gives?

I have once been a captive to this strange entity. My weary mind crashed becaused such emotion was unknown and too powerful to wield. It pulled down my walls as distraction set in, becoming my immediate companion. I tried to control this force with the last strength within, but all i could do was pretend. It was drawing me away from the things i love to the most adorable being on earth. I couldn’t express myself because of my worst nightmare of rejection. Hoarding the feeling for days, weeks and months was like living in a dark cell in hell. I ask again, what’s love?

Biologist asserts that love is a powerful neurological condition like thirst and hunger. Am i to believe in a biologist perception or should i just allow my feelings take the judge’s seat? My feelings could be biased anyway and going with the biological view will definitely be an unsatisfying journey.

I would love to explore the two seasons of love in details and that; will result to a lengthy post. Please bear with me.


Love between young people. Howinspiratick, know the two seasons of love

Everybody, especially young people seem to be on a quest to find love, behold it and probably grasp it with both hands. A feeling that urges them to being together, even beyond the physical dimension. Sometimes they wonder, does it come with strings attached? The paradox of love is it’s free and yet, attached with a bond stronger than death itself.

Talking about love among young people of opposite sex – eros, which deals hugely on sexual passion and desire, you will come to understand the underlying reason behind the lame assertion on every lip of a broken heart- ‘love is wicked.’

You met a girl for the first time, in a dinner party, lecture hall, prom night or maybe in the church and you felt so drawn. You could feel a bioelectric energy surge inside of you.

“She’s beautiful.” You had said to yourself as you became lost in your own world.

She became the only piece of memory dominating your mind. The video game you have loved so dearly became a minor, it doesn’t matter anymore. What seems to  matter is having a chance with that damsel. Finally, you say aloud to yourself:


As if moved by the intoxication of an alcohol, you found yourself asking her out. She too felt the connection and indeed, the scent of a man, the scent of YOU took away her freewill as she lay them all down. All her prestige, pride and worth was striped away as she say YES to your request.

Days flew by, you text her and she keeps texting back. You began to feel like a man; a feeling that was quite strange. Both of you became inseparable like conjoined twins that you can die for each other. You two had so much in common and judging from a blind angle, was a sign that fate smiles.

Weeks flew by and the feeling was still there, unshaken. Then months took its toil, it passed and the feelings began to fade slowly like time itself. The once beautiful damsel starts to get boring and burdensome. Her imperfections began to resurface and the worth both of you had for each other was nowhere to be found.

Few more months passed only to discover that every atom of feelings have evaporated up high. Nagging and fighting was becoming more and more evident and misunderstanding, inevitable in every conversion. Not until one day, you didn’t even known how it happened. But you mentioned QUIT and off you went.

The break-up seems to lift something off your should. Lightness was upon you as you cry out.

“Woohooo! Am single again and am proud.”

Whereas the girl is somewhere, crying and screaming at love been so wicked. She’s not crying for losing someone she had claimed to love, perhaps she’s crying for playing cheap in the first place.

It was a powerful feeling quite alright, but its power was limited to time. That’s why is mostly called infatuation. A lot of peope call it lust in disguise of love; just like a lion wearing the skin of a sheep. But to me, i call it love that wasn’t properly watered.

But for young minds striving to discover their purpose in life, telling you how to water love is a huge distraction and you really don’t need that. I as a young youth knows the distractions that comes with commitments. So, don’t think this article is coming from an old grandpa with glasses on.

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What you need is to apply the law of the universe which is: Everything under the sun has a season and this time is definitely not suitable for wooing. Believe me, when love comes at the wrong hour, disaster isn’t far off and regret will linger around, waiting for you to fall into the biggest pitfall on earth.

A time will come when you feel like dying unless you unleash your feelings. Is one of the normal days. But knowing deep within that such a feeling is temporary and a huge distraction to you as a young individual will empower your will to fight back.

Love is beautiful when it comes at the right season, but a curse when grasped when is yet to ripe.

I in particular have been fighting all my entire life, fighting love with every disposable power available. What really helped was making friends who were also in the same battle with me and it was doubtlessly a driving force to keep pushing forward. If you must conquer, you have to run with people with same struggle. But entangling yourself with individuals who sees fun instead of inappropriateness will weaken your will. Flee!


Love among mature singles usually end up in fulfilment in love. Howinspiratick. Know the two seasons of love

Years ago, the future had looked so clear, so beautiful with a tinted expectation of love, family and adorable kids. You have mapped out your wedding in your dairy, you could feel your own kitchen with your hands and it’s scent with your nostrils. Then a figure came to your imagination. Tall, handsome, six packs, caring and rich.

“Life will be so sweet and perfect.” You said, smiling dreamingly to yourself. Then your expression transit to that of sadness cause it was all fantasy. You start envisioning your morning rituals as a married woman and indeed, it was a world in Wonderlands. You can’t wait to get married but none seems to come.

What happened to ex-college lovers? Gush! I really don’t feel the way i felt years ago for them. ‘It was a mistake’ you would probably say, expressing regret.

Now, you need a real man, not just a lover. Someone who’s capable of protecting and caring. You might even wonder why you were drawn to those ex-lovers. You will call yourself an idiot if you try to find out why.

Your strong aura of want paid off by drawing the most handsome man close and you both kicked off in love.

His eyes was deep and loving, you felt safe in his arms as you held on tighter. You wished you could remain in his arms for eternity, the euphoric feeling was too sweet to let go.

As if ordained by a divine deity, he finally proposed and you felt like jumping round the world.

“Yes! Yes!! yes I will marry you.” You nearly tore away his skin in happiness as you hug him tightly.

Love among the young yet to explore hidden treasures of life usually revolve around sex and beauty; while that of mature adult revolves more on settlement, kids and love.

In those two different stages, love was felt but the feeling and intentions of commitment was different. The first usually start off well but ends up in the doldrums, while the latter begins and ends with fulfilment in love.


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  1. This article was well researched and apparently, a combination of experience and imagination that has culminated in a mind blowing exposition which could be quite enticing and informative.
    Good job.

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