Death to all business pastors


Church is almost on every street, appearing whole and innocent like a lamb recently brought to the world. To an ignorant onlooker, they are ordained and approved by God, but when an in dept observer takes the wheel, confusion becomes inevitable cause within these ‘end time churches’ lies contradictory beliefs, doctrines and strange ways of worship that i cannot comprehend.

I really cried, yes! I did cry many a time yesterday. Was crying for the church, for the souls been mislead and also for my very poor self. Behind those tears was anger. Anger toward pastors who have lost the mark. I was even more angry at those psychotic impoverished jobless faggots who have set up a stale structure for the derailment of many.

Am not feeling very Christianly at this moment cause i have been pushed to the wall. I pray you forgive me after this write up. Why would a tiny mortal choose to mock an all supreme divine deity? Why indulge in a gravely eternal sin just to make money? I always feel like tearing down the banner of these money mongers whenever i come across them on the street. Agents of darkness, coming in disguise of light.

You will see them, sitting in front of the camera  with an imbecile expression on their face. You might think they are alone in the business but dearie, they aren’t. Their wife will stand at the back, smiling sheepishly and looking like a modern Jezebel.

I could still feel the anger of yesterday boiling to the verge of explosion, and this coke is doing nothing to impede it. Perhaps another sip will stop the anger from flowing through my fingers to this keyboard. Or perhaps, the last drop of restraint will stop it from showing here. Maybe i don’t need control; this is certainly not its season. I need to blow one of these confused sorcerers. A punch on the face might restore their derange mind and most especially, calm my undying hunger of combat.

Am one of the few who wish death to all these lame business men with a pastoring degree as camouflage. Also wishing for a heavy downpour, the one strong enough to relocate their inferior structure to the gutter.

I know you went to a theological school and am wondering if it even lasted for six months. I know you are well versed in scripture and can even quote a passage to justify your business model. That’s probably your edge over me though. Irrespective of that, must you open a church? Must you spring forth another denomination that makes Christianity looks like a shell that houses different beliefs? That’s a loophole Muslims and atheist usually explore against Christians especially during a hot argument online. It saddens me.

During my recent visit to the village, I got invited to a church that was celebrating their mothering sunday. I might be a wretched sinner, but turning down a church invitation isn’t me. The church environment was beyond my imagination and it was indeed, a reversed picture. How will God dwell in such environment? Little did i know that i was about to witness something that will knock me off throughout life.

Right in the alter was a man i know; a renowned Chief priest whose shrine still stand till today. What have light got to do with darkness? He was made a deacon and right in the holy alter lies his seat every sunday. Maybe one of their tenants of faith supports the serving of two masters. What a blow to Christianity.

During offering, the devil himself danced more than everyone of us struggling to attain perfection. As if that wasn’t enough, the coordinator announced for another three offering for pastor welfare, miracle seed and anointing oil. The heaviest of all blow came when the benediction kicked off without any sermon. I went home feeling lost and empty. What do you expect i do? Nothing than to wish death to them all.

Some churches have established universities and high schools with the sweat of poor members as support. Yet, such institutions are too expensive for members to enrol their children. Is only made for these ‘smart thieves’ parading themselves as politicians. Sometimes i begin to wonder what Christianity is turning into.

Perhaps death is too little a punishment. Maybe before the arrival of Mr. Death, i should be given an honourable privilege to torment them with every tormenting tools available. The skill i learnt in China years ago will really come in handy.

I see it a great profit to lose a soul and save lots more; than to save a soul that will cause the damnation of many souls. But sadly, am not sitting on the throne of power that all powers bow to.

I still marvel at these church organization, a church where the rich are shareholders. The power to influence decisions have been bestowed on them by the pastor himself. The poor are merely marketers, going for evangelism or better put, promoting the church to gain more gullible members.

You might start wondering why i have unleash the anger within. Is probably not a worldly type but a HOLY one. The Bible talked about different prophets with different callings. Mine would have been of DOOM if i was honoured with such gift. 


Bringing an end to all these confused sorcerers will be a satisfying assignment i must say..


8 thoughts on “Death to all business pastors

  1. I understand your distress. I too well up with anger when I see or hear a Televangelist or Mega-church pastor spreading self-exalting falsehoods. Then taking God’s name in vain as they encourage financial “generosity” towards their already wealthy selves. It’s disgusting! But… There is no need to wish for their deaths…

    They are already dead:

    “But woe to you Pharisees! For you tithe mint and rue and herbs of all kinds, and neglect justice and the love of God; it is these you ought to have practiced, without neglecting the others. Woe to you Pharisees! For you love to have the seat of honor in the synagogues and to be greeted with respect in the marketplaces. Woe to you! For you are like unmarked graves, and people walk over them without realizing it.” Luke 11:42-44


    1. My anger is mainly for the lost souls. Why should i care about them who knows the truth and yet, have chosen death? Everyone should be careful about false prophets.

      “Many shall come in my name, and they shall deceive many.”

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  2. Wow. I could feel your heart in this one. The LORD still knows those that are His.

    “The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority, and my people love it this way. But what will you do in the end?” Jeremiah 5:31.

    Stay encouraged!

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  3. They have prophecy lies already. I just pray for the spirit of discernment upon all born again Christians, so that they wont be moved by these fake prophets of our time. Thanks for coming around.


  4. I feel it is not for you to judge them or get angry at them.
    I used to do same in the past but one day I caught the revelation about moving on and serving my God with fear and trembling according to the scriptures.
    I attend a church right here where mostly young women dress to ‘kill’ exposing all private parts of their body. I got provoked one day during the service and called one of the ushers complaining to him, pointing at one of ladies who was almost nude in the church but he told me the church leadership say ‘they’ can come as they are.

    I know this indecent dressing in church I’ve digressed to could be another article topic for you, so I don’t intend to go too far , all I was driving at is the fact that, God told me right there in the service to always keep my eyes off them and worship Him in spirit and in truth and leave others for Him. I repented that day and stopped bothering about those things and judging people’s actions.

    Once again you made a good write up with perfect choice of words.

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    1. I understand the angle you are coming from. Is not that they are being judged, is for any young man nursing the thought of been a pastor because of the benefit to desist; and for individuals who are already in the ministry to step up and preach about the end.


  5. This is a really important topic you wrote about here,and you definitely did it justice.
    But like someone else said, we can’t even judge them if we wanted to, that’s still left for God, but if only more people see the light and come to an understanding, this issue would be curbed to a good extent
    Great work!

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    1. Very important cause souls are at stake here. Am not judging them rather, for them to go the right path in other to save souls; not lead them to destruction.

      Thanks for your terrific comment.


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