Happy new month to all my adorable readers


The buzzing effect of my phone was the trigger of my awakening as i looked at it’s screen, to ascertain the mortal that have choosed to disrupt my dream of other side of existence. My mood changed to that of excitement when i saw ‘Precious Humphery’ on the screen as i arose hastily.

“Happy new month buddy.” I heard from the other end and i got confused instantly.

“Is it new month already?” I asked with a bewildered tone but got a laughter as a reply.

Time seem to be flying beyond my pace and it keeps me wondering if am been left behind. Am getting sluggish everyday and yet, time keeps soaring like a dauntless eagle on battle.

Few weeks ago, i was complaining of not having enough time for myself. Time to do something productive I have said. But is over a month since college section came to an end and frankly speaking; i have got the time and space i needed. But weakness is gradually becoming a friend.

You will be wondering why I haven’t posted for a long time now and am so sorry for the inconsistency. 

My uncle died last month of July and was buried yesterday being 31st. Last month wasn’t roses i must say. I cried bitterly when i saw the coffin and the lifeless body of my favorite uncle. To avoid looking awkward, i have to hid in my room and cry till satisfaction, but i felt so ashamed afterwards. Am a guy for Christ sake and it was lame seeing tears in my eyes. May his soul rest in peace anyway.

Running around to get things done made time out of reach for me. Not only that, i got a writing job online too and i have to deliver two articles daily to my client.

I haven’t done such a job before but am seeing myself crawl out of my comfort zone with my overwhelmed mind, spinning everyday in overload.

Please bear with me cause everything i do is for you and the success of this blog. I need to buy a system and also host this blog, but I can’t do that without some bucks in my pocket. Thank God this summer holiday came with that opportunity in stock.

This is funny lol.. Setted out trying to wish my readers a wonderful happy new month but my fingers spinned off in an attempt to explain my weaknesses, shortcomings and inconsistency.

Let me still go ahead and wish you a Happy New Month dearie.

*Clears throat* Happy..! Happy! New Moooonth!!

Hahahahaha… Am so super excited. 

Believe me, this new month; i mean, this month of August is coming with awesome possibilities for you and I. The only thing you need to do is believe.
I created a quote last week because of what i witnessed. 

The quote says;

“The life of the living is controlled by what they believe in”

Whatever you believe will materialized in your life, directly or perhaps indirectly. Believe that this month will be a turning point, a month where you get the job you have been praying for. A month where you get promoted. A month where your phone keeps beeping of bank alert. A month of goodnews and inspiration. Just believe!

In case you where born on this month, let me not conclude without saying ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you sweetie.’

You are always on my mind.

9 thoughts on “Happy new month to all my adorable readers

  1. My condolences to you and your family. 🙏🏽 I’ve lost my grandma and uncle in one month and it was hard. Stay strong and remember, crying is cleansing and healing, nothing wrong with it. Take care.

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