Guys do cry


I ran and ran, away from the phonebooth, away from the world. My existence is probably a mistake and the only thought on my weary mind was suicide. Tears was building up with great exaction and i could feel it boil without mercy, without care of the vessel that houses it.

The cloud rumbled in anger, releasing it’s own, soaking me wet. The rain was washing down on me, but it couldn’t wash away the worries, the pain. The strong wave was waging war against me, but i was adamant not to lose, not to stop as i run to an unknown destination. I needed a place to cry and let go, a place to think or most likely, to kill myself. I stumbled and fell. My body convulsed as tears roll down like endless stream of crystals.

Hmmmmm.. When the consequences of bad decision come bashing at me with fury in it’s eyes. When my dark ugly past pays a visit. I have no choice than to run away and cry. Am not flaunting my weakness nor does it make me feminine. Is just my modus of letting go tensions and pains. I feel better afterwards and because of that, i can’t stop crying.

Most of my friends usually assert that crying is for the weak, but I usually dispute that. Crying is for those stable at heart, is for those who are strong and can feel. Not for the stone hearted or broken soul. I have made mistakes, we all have done something that might likely haunt us till grave, but refusing to cry when overwhelmed is adding to your piles of burden.

There are feelings which i can’t express to people around me, my friends and family due to some moral implications. What of depicting that feeling to myself? Is only in crying that i can do that. Besides, am human and not a robot. Yes! Am a guy and guys aren’t expected to cry. We are expected to hide them all,  hoard them within until we can’t feel anymore. That’s cruel.. There are days when I laugh and joke while some days takes an evil turn on me and i feel like screaming; that’s the uncertainty of life anyway. But no matter what happen, don’t feel weird seeing a man cry. The world weighs heavily upon us, more heavily when fates frowns. So, you’re doing yourself bad by refusing to cry.

Crying makes us human, that’s obviously the difference between us and robots. Maybe aliens also. So please, when you can’t take it any longer, when you feel the vacuum is filled up with no space left; cry your heart out, pour out those anxieties till they are nowhere to be found. 

But let it be healthy!

20 thoughts on “Guys do cry

  1. Mr Henry U’ve really touched me.. U’ve been inspiring me ever since u started ur blog .. Ur wonderful .. buh I have a question.. Can the stone hearted ones or broken soul ever cry again ???

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  2. Thanks Humphery for seeing me as an inspiration. You just made my day. *winks

    I believe that everything is possible and as thus, the stone hearted of all hearts and even the broken souls can cry; even the devil himself.

    One of the most powerful tool i use to make someone sober ‘is words’. The only thing i need is just a time and the words will take it’s toil. Although i don’t misuse that power. I make sure that positive impact is made after the encounter.

    When we talk about the ‘stone hearted,’ we talk about those who have learn to hoard their feelings flawlessly that it has now become part of them. While the broken souls are much more harder to break. You know why? Cause they have passed through hell on earth. I don’t really know the words to fully paint a vivid picture of what they have passed through but indeed, they have seen hell and most times, have turned to atheist; a believe that God doesn’t exist.

    I watched a movie last week titled “God’s not dead” and in that movie, the professor believed God doesn’t exist because the only thing on earth that linked to him got broken when he was still a kid – His mother died. Right in his mothers sick bed, he cried unto God to save her and in return, he will serve him with all honesty of heart. God had a bigger purpose and because of that, didn’t grant the request. However, the young lad misunderstood the way of God. Years later, he became a professor; a broken soul at that, mean to his students, his wife and always looking so stony in his expression. At the last scene, He got hit by a car and as he struggle to live, deep down, he knew God exist and he cried.

    After that movie, i cried for my poor self. I went an extra mile to send ‘God’s not dead’ to most of my contacts.

    So, is possible for the stone hearted and broken soul to cry. A broken soul brings about a stony heart if you ask me.

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  3. Henry please stop. I just stumble upon this now and i honesty don’t want to cry, is too early biko You are just too good with words. More power to you. I just introduce your blog to my friends and since then, they have been silent. You words is haunting them i guess.

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  4. I heard commentary on the olympics the other day about men being ‘macho’ in their sport but not macho for crying, it really annoyed me! What an inspiring and important post

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