My sources of inspiration

My-sources-of-inspirations-howinspiratick-imageI woke up to the feeling of a warm sensation upon my face. Slowly opening my eyes, it shut itself back cause the light was too powerful to wield. Yawn overtook me, stretching my jaws as weakness of the previous night exhale itself. My sources of inspiration for the day were quite filled up.

“Henry, are you up?”


That’s my dad, it has always been his morning ritual; making sure i was awake before heading for work. I struggled up from bed as my lens adjust to the light. The sun was already up and was evidently the cause of my awakening. Its piercing rays went through the delicate white cotton that was facing the east, but it needed more access. I went to the window, folding up the delicate fibric for the element outside to gain entrance. I inhaled to the feeling of nature and the peaceful mind it gave.

The door opened only to see Kelechi, my little brother with a mug of coffee in hand..


“Do you care for?” He asked, inhaling the aromatic flavour.

“Get that on the table and see yourself out. Next time, try and knock.” Oups! That was definitely harsh but in real sense, was our way of communication.

“Maybe you should paste a poster on your door that says knock before entering.” He said as a smirk escape his face. He placed the mug on the table and off he went without a word.

The rooster outside was crowing without ceasing, perhaps telling me to get off the bed which i did but not without gulping down the coffee. Opening the door to my room and the door that lead to the verandah, i got greeted by an aroma that can only be produced in the kitchen. The hunger within stirred awake, urging me to brush my teeth immediately or perhaps still, go for a chunk of meat. I restrained myself, i needed to water the garden. It has always been my saviour during boring days and is now my turn to reciprocate. I grabbed the watering can and to the garden, i lead myself.


The scent leaf plant that i have been tendering for weeks seems to be spurting new fresh leaves as i observe in happiness and wonder. I watered it delicately to avoid flooding it to death.

“Looks like the plant is growing new leaves..” I looked behind and there was my dad with a towel in hand.

“Yea dad, good morning.” I said plastering smiles over my face which i believe will communicate more than my words.

“Morning son. I think is time to transplant to a suitable location.”

“You are right, will do that during the weekend.”, i replied. I grabbed the watering can to head back, the kitchen was on my mind and am sure my sister won’t mind giving me a meat. Instead, i bump into Kelechi.

“Have you seen Miss Kate?” He asked and my heart skipped a beat.

“No! Where is she?” I asked with a desperate look on my face and a tone of urgency in my voice.

“Will i know and still ask you?”

That has been his lifestyle anyway, answering question with a question.


Owwww…. Is like i forgot to introduce our beloved Miss Kate. She’s part of our family, she came in when she was lost, abandoned and alone. I felt something amiss that morning, it has always been Miss Kate’s cold tongue that leaks me up from sleep. My alarm can’t do that cause am a heavy sleeper (am not proud of it please). Miss Kate is one of the most amazing creature you should meet before the end of this year. Don’t worry, i will lead you to her when the timing in right. She’s a white hairy cat that always play around with anything she fancies. She’s everyone’s pet and she knows it..

“Kate! Kate! Kate! Kate! Katie! Miss Katie!!!.” I called and called and before i could call again, something jumped on me from the roof, leaking my face clean as if butter was there. It was no other than our adorable Miss Kate. She was stinking and her wolly hair covered with mud. Only God knows where she had been to.

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The inspiration that comes every morning worth more than everything imaginable. The soothing morning sun, my dad’s loving authoritative voice, my bro witty behaviour, the awesome aroma from the kitchen, my garden and beloved Miss Kate. I feel like am so lucky. Have got inspirations all around me.

Now, what are your sources of inspiration?



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