Controlling your anger

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Controlling your anger is the best thing you can ever do to yourself; am very certain. Ever done something out of anger and later wished you haven’t? That’s one of the situations I have found myself over and over again. You know what I usually do? I try to sleep, hoping that when I wake up, it will just be a horrible dream. But there it stands, snaring at me to take responsibility.

The decisions we make in the face of anger are mostly wrong and tends to cost us more than we bargained for. Frankly speaking, is not easy to control anger. But those who have mastered it are simply strong and should be respected. Am serious here; they need to be given something worthy and lasting.

My friend, Humphery Precious nearly beat a girl few weeks ago because she took a seat that was already occupied by him. The girl in question was adamant not to stand and precious was getting madder like hell. He really surprise me though. I was expecting a hot slap on her cheek but instead, he found himself another seat. That was a brave decision and I never expected it from him.

What would have really happen if he had acted negatively on his emotion? Securities would have probably dealt with him or worst still, got beat down by guys around who sees the female gender as weaker vessels. If any of that had happened, am sure he would have been dwelling in the rut of regret.

What of the news that made frontpage last week? A Nigerian man beat wife to death over a spoilt food. When he was been interviewed live on NTA, I could see regrets written all over his face and I felt so sorry for him. That’s what anger does, it prompts you to action and lands you to regrets.

Sometimes, acting upon our angry impulses can seem to be the right thing to do at the moment, probably to save our self ego. imagine a scenario where you were slapped in public by a renowned weakling. Slapping away all the teeth will surely make you feel better for the moment, but that doesn’t dispute the fact that you will feel worst afterwards.

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The decision Precious took was brave and I was surprised. I was surprised cause he has a low tolerance range. I was surprised cause he’s always on the look out to protect his self worth and ego especially when around friends. Anger is his flaw and I have been helping him gain control. That Incident was a prove that we both are making progress.

What about you? Are you battling with anger? Are you easily infuriated over minor issues? Everyone feels angry all the time, but our actions in the face of anger differs. The actions we take is what defines who we are and the consequences that follows. Am not perfect in controlling my own emotions either, that’s probably why the opening line of this article started the way it is. But I can show you a simple trick that has always work for me. 

Take a deep breath, swallow hard, keep your mouth shut and walk away

Forget about how simple it may sound, it takes discipline and a strong willpower to overcome anger and gratefully, YOU CAN.

This dark emotion have lead many to jail, it has lead many to eternal regret, it has cost a lot of people their friends and family and worst still, have cause the death of many. Save yourself from the consequences of wrong actions by controlling your anger NOW. That’s really one of the emotions that can make the past a painful memory.

Not acting upon your negative emotion doesn’t make you weak nor does it make you appear less than you are rather, is a sign that you are in control and not your emotions.

How do YOU usually conquer anger when it comes? How do you control it? Will really love to hear from you. Use the comment box sweetie



6 thoughts on “Controlling your anger

    1. When I get angry I listen to music (classical seems to calm me down) or try and remove myself from the situation. Taking that time out to calm down and think helps me to come up with something *respectful* to say to the person offending me to try an open a dialogue we might both learn from.

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