WWOW! My first 100 followers


Am just short of words really. I woke up only to see a WordPress notification congratulating me on my first 100 followers. I was like ‘damn!’

It might not sound like a huge deal to others though. Honesty, i feel so envious seeing fellow bloggers with 4 thousand, 14 thousand followers and i keep wondering when i will reach there.

Anyway. I want to thank all my followers who have joined the train with me, my likers, most especially, those that usually take time to comment on my articles. It really means a lot getting your comments and it drives me into being more serious.  l love you all for that. 

What’s my prayer? I wish to get 1000 followers before the end of this month. I know is possible.


13 thoughts on “WWOW! My first 100 followers

  1. Congrats to you!! YAY!! your next milestone will be right round the corner, in no time, my friend. I celebrated 2 milestones myself too on my site today, and I can totally imagine how happy you must be. Onwards to greater things!! Cheers, love and light to you! xx

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  2. This is so funny lol. Was just going through my articles, reading my write ups and keep asking if am the actual writer. Then i came upon your comment and discovered that i never replied.

    Sorry for that. wishing you more victories


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