A fight with the unknown (Episode Finale)

Episode 1

Episode 2

image A fight with the unknown Henry Ibeleme

Episode 3
When we have walked for like 30 kilometers, I witnessed the unexpected. I mean, something that i haven’t seen since yesterday of my lost to the unknown. Right at that moment, i could see two men in cooperate attire coming toward our lane.

My system awoke and strength came once more as i hurried toward them. Although my legs hurt, but it aren’t going to stop me. Not now of all time. The girl at my back seems to be regaining consciousness cause she kept wriggling her self from side to side. The strangest was the meaningless mutterings coming from her. I was only foots away from my presumed saviours, but they were taken aback. A teen with a young lady at his back in a lonely environment surely rose the nose to sniff out.

Before i could narrate my ugly incident, they have already took the girl away from me, accompanied with a resounding slap on my cheek as gratitude. Perhaps for bringing her safe. Little did i know that the men before me where policemen and were seeing me as a kidnapper or whatever that was on their mind.

“Young man, you will have to follow us to the station to give a statement… Anything you say will be use…law…”

“Shut the fuck up please.” i said and i felt an usual strongness that convinced me that i can beat them both. The slap and quick way of judgment infuriated my anger within. But that’s not the way to solve the misunderstanding though. Although he was surprised at my outburst.

“The real enemy still hover in the forest, looking for me probably, and also her” i said, pointing at the girl who was now been backed by the other man.

“Hmmmm…. If what you said is true, then you will lead us to them, but not without handcuffs on.. You’re still under observation kid” He said. He came closer, pat me on the shoulder and clamp my hands together to fit the cuffs.

“Roger lets move” he called to the other cop who seem so cold and dull. Perhaps he was stunned. By the way, i have to lead them to the enemy and that, i must do.

I matched once again back to the forest. With the cops behind me, i’ve got nothing to fear anyway. At least not the two bunch of idiots that have tormented me. I mean three idiots. But sadly, the leader might not be around to witness the party fireworks.

Going back toward the direction of the wooden house seem closer than usual and it surprised me.

“That wooden house over there” i said pointing at the wooden house far off with my head. Wasnt referring to anyone of them in particular. Left for them to decided who act upon the message received.

Roger was still with the girl, the tree in his front was a perfect shade from an enemy as the other cop came closer to me, smiled, brushed my hair with his hand and then, pull out a gun. I swallowed hard, wishing the gun to disappear or perhaps, not to be used on me. Then like a flash, he grabbed me by the neck and pull me down behind a tree.

“I can see one of them” he whispered to me as he signaled Roger to be alert. My pulse came down a little; probably thought my life was at stake at the hands of these cops. Not even sure if they were real cops.

I stole a glance and was careful not to get caught. The dark average guy was clearly seen standing in front of the door, looking at something that was evidently out of my own view. He sigh looked around the house, then finally, went inside and i heard a bolt lock.

I turned to rest my head back on the tree and know our next line of action only to see the cop crawing toward the house. I was too scared, to scared to crawl with him. Have seen enough already and wish to see no more.
I watched him as he crawled and stop, breathing hard and after gasping for some seconds, continued on his goal. I watched as he went closer and closer toward the window and i heard footsteps from another direction. I looked toward my right and there the leader of the pack was; coming toward the wooden house with a briefcase in hand. The cop was still at the window, trying to gain entrance and the enemy was just few steps away from his view. I wanted to scream at him, it will surely complicate issues if i had, but my heart was at battle.

Just when the enemy could have sighted him, he jumped inside the house. Although the leader of the pack sensed something. The shaking window from where the cop went through caused him to expressed a worry look. He looked around and seeing no one, he waved his fears away and went into the house.

Roger had covered himself and the girl with dry leaves and it was the best concealing trick. Had it not being i knew where he stayed, i wouldn’t have know that a human lies there alive.

I turned to do the same only to see a familiar face, the fair tall enemy, the one that had wanted to kill me earlier on with his partner  was at me again. My brain processor was having a hard time processing what to do. I tried to run but he held my leg, pulled me closer to him and with his other hand, grabbed my neck. He was groaning and was about to twist my neck. i couldn’t fight him, my hands were cuffed and i saw my last before my very eyes.

The groans stopped and his eyeballs turned round his eye socket like a broken clock. He felled to the ground and i fell with him. I looked up and there was Roger with a wood in his hand. He came closer, brough out a key and uncuff me.

“Go and stay with the girl, lemme cuff him cause he will soon wake” he said and i was glad. Glad he came to my rescue, glad for uncuffing me and also glad for talking to me. Ohhhh.! That was my first time to hear him since our meeting. I though he was even dumb, but he was simply a man of few words or probably none at all. I went to the girl but she kept muttering only God knows what.

Roger cuffed the idiot and covered him with leaves. He lay behind the tree, checking his pockets, he brought out a pager, pressed some buttons and slid it back in.

“Ahhhh.owwww., my head” the idiot was awake and probably thought he was dreaming. I left my position to where he lie.

“You remember me?” I said as his eyebrows twisted and then shock took over. He wanted to grab me again, but he didn’t realise he was cuffed. He didnt even know i brought company this time. Not untill Roger cleared his throat.

Just then, the wooden house opened and behold, the two enemies where been dragged away with cuffs in hand as the cop beam in smiles.

How did he manage to overpower two men? I guess i will never know. Roger brought out his pager again, brought it close to his mouth and say to it.

“Wanted kidnapps apprehended, pull out immediately.”

I stood up to meet the cop as Roger followed thus, but not without dragging the fair idiot along.

“Well done mate” the cop said to Roger with a firm handshake.

“You too Charles.. These three guys will really have fun in jail.”

Roger and Charles, wow, my heros. All these while, i was standing behind, allowing the spirit of partnership and friendship subside before interfering and it did.

I went over to Charles who was strict, quick to judge and brave. I shoke him, beam my smiles and finally, shook him again more firmly.

“Thank you so much sir, you have saved us for another day.” I said with tearful eyes. The storm that has risen yesterday was now peaceful and it was indeed a privilege to survive.

I turned to Roger, our eyes locked together, his eyes were deep. I think i saw tears. I hugged him as he threw his hands around me.

“Thank you Roger for saving me from that enemy, thanks for talking to me, thanks also for uncuffing me.” I said as they both burst out in laughter.

“Looks like that’s your first time on cuffs kid?” Charles asked and i nodded.

“Don’t worry son, is all over.” Roger said and it thrilled me. He called me son? Owww. Am being too dramatic or emotional here. I smiled and before i could smile again, a police car drove in as some officers troll the environment. An officer came toward us, pointing at the three wanted kidnappers at the ground.

“Is this three young men the thorns?” He enquired.

“Yes Sergeant..Wasn’t hard getting them down on the ground.” Charles replied as they both shook hands like long lost friends. He shook hands with Roger too, looking at me? Ohhh.. no..!

“And him?”

This time around, Roger rescued me again.

“He’s a hero sir. He lead us to them.” Roger said, drawing me close and brushing my wholly hair.

“The kid has been through a lot, his eyes can tell a million stories.” Charles said. I didn’t know i was crying until i tasted the salty nature of my tears.

“Whats your name kid?” the Sergeant asked with a puzzled look on his face..

“Am Henry sir, Henry Ibeleme.” I answered nervously.

“Okay boys, lets move.” He shouted and i saw the girl, she was carried away, perhaps to admit her in hospital. The cops knows the best and within, i knew she’s in safe hands. Probably one day, we might meet on neutral grounds and share our tales of the fight, the fight with a known enemy.

“I and Roger will love to take a walk down.” Charles said to the Sergeant who hesitated , shove his head around and then gave out a freewill smile.

Before a blink, they were out of sight and Charles brought out a briefcase. I recognised it immediately. The leader of the pack came in with it during our invade. Our rewards no doubt lie within.

He opened and lo and behold, it was money. Uncountable notes of dollars and i haven’t seen such since setting eyes on the world.

“Ladies and gents, we are rich for life.” Charles said as Roger smiled as if unmoved.

Charles closed back the case, hand it to Roger as he tried carrying me up.

“Damn kid, you are heavy.”

I laughed as Roger laughed so hard like i have never seen him.

“Am 17 years mr, don’t expect me to be a feather.

“Now, lets walk down the lane, the sun is setting.” Roger said and together, the three of us walked down the hill as if searching for the setting sun, but we were beginning a journey of a new life and relationship. A new beginning.


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