Learn to overlook the flaws

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No one is without flaws. Even those who look physically flawless will agree with me. But what if yours is very visible to all? What if your flaw is eating deep into your self confidence and happiness? Then learn to overlook your flaws.

When it comes to me, I have a lot of flaws that usually overwhelm me into thinking am the worst being on earth. Counting my flaws is a sure path to depression and I have brought it to an end cause it profits me nothing. Instead, it adds to my piles of burden which is very bad.

I know of a friend, despite his shortness, despite his hunchback, despite his stammer; he still carry his shoulder up high like the most handsome model in the world. Being around such people always leave me challenged. Am better than them in all ramification and yet, their self confidence and happiness surpasses mine. How have they overcome their flaws? How did they learn to overlook their imperfection?

Well, that’s the purpose of today’s article. To help you overlook that dark spot and see yourself as the most beautiful thing on earth.

1. Forget the flaws – A lot of people dwell too long on their flaws. They are always with a mirror in hand, crying over their imperfections. Whenever they leave the mirror to hang out, they keep seeing themselves as lesser beings which is so sad. If you must be happy, if people around must love you. You have to love yourself and overlook the spots. Forget them and get rid of everything that remains you of them. That’s the beginning of a happy and fulfilling day.

2. Am better than someone –
That’s the phrase I use everyday to remind myself that someone out there is in a worst state than I am. If I have a big head, someone else have a bigger head. If am short, what about dwarfs? Knowing that am better than someone have always cause me to sing out in joy. There’s always someone fatter than you, there’s always a bigger failure than you. If they can still survive despite all that, you can. Always remind yourself that.

3. Deal with critic friends – If you have friends who always bring you down with words, who always see the negative and not the positive. I think this is the perfect time to break away. I once have friends who always remind me of what I can’t do well or the flaws in my body. Just a simple phrase have ruined a day causing me to hate myself. I had to call them together and express how I feel and wonderfully, they understood. Ever since then, they have stopped reminding me of my flaws instead, help me in every way they can. But if your friends criticizes you a lot and have refuse to let go, please break away.

3. Make up for your flaws – Making your flaws less noticeable is the dream of everyone. Apart from applying powder and lipstick to minimize how big your eye is or to hide the pimples on your face. Why not use something that really counts in the long run. I saw a crippled man the other day playing guitar on the street. Everyone was his audience as he play with so much passion. The people around forgot he was crippled. Their attention was on the beautiful piece he was playing and the melodic sounds that emanates from it. That’s what making up really means. Discover something that divert people’s attention away from your flaws and leverage it to your advantage.

In conclusion, no body can see your flaws unless you allow them to. Stop dwelling on what you don’t have and focus on what you can have. There’s really no reason to cry over what we can’t change or control.

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