What does your pastor preach?


Every individual in the ministry have a different calling. Some are ordained to preach righteousness, prosperity, healing, faith, success, leadership and so many virtues pertaining to the kingdom. But there’s a higher goal; the ultimate purpose of their calling is narrowed to salvation. But can you remember when last your pastor preached about that?

I have listened to a lot of Evangelist, Pastors and Reverends but something is always missing. Something that tops It all. Every Sunday comes with a different topic, but how many souls have been won to the kingdom? When last was evangelism conducted?

A lot of pastors have derailed. They have lost the path they were to trend upon. They have allowed materialism take control thereby raising a high materialistic congregation which is so disheartening. They are unknowingly dragging souls to damnation and it bleeds my heart.

Irrespective of your calling, Gods general message is simple.

“Make my people ready for my coming?”

Many servants of God have deviated because of the blessing that comes with the ministry. They are so carried away, preaching salvation will cost them members and as thus, aren’t ready for that.

Hell is a place not meant for us, but if heaven is missed; hell won’t be missed. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? Definitely nothing.

Its time we go back and ask whether we are getting it right or wrong, cause our soul depends on it. Let’s not lay treasures where maggots exist. Let’s take a time and behold the wonders of heaven. Is not a place to miss.

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4 thoughts on “What does your pastor preach?

  1. This was an interesting reading you have shared… and lately has been the truth as well. It strongly is disheartening when pastors, preachers, and evangelists tend to use a more materialistic measure in order to obtain a member within their own church congregation. Example: Let’s pretend as if I am a pastor that is rich and wealthy, and in order for me to try and grab you into my church, I will tell you that I will give you a million dollars just to come and be a member. That’s not the way to do it, I personally believe. The home church I have is not big in size but rather is a comfortable church where everyone knows each other. My pastor might bring up the usual topics about learning how to cope and how to positively stay strong within the eyes of the Lord, but I love how he instilled in everyone’s mind about a certain action we must take in order to connect with our community: Take action. My home church plans a lot of activities where we can invite people to share and have fun with us as well. Whether we have church walk groups on one Sunday and a family-fun night the following next week, each of us has the same task to do: To help, inspire, care for, and encourage all those that are in need… especially since we all are children’s of God. So to, at least, help those lost children that do not know Jesus to finally learn whom He is will be a giant leap of faith, prayer, studying, and mentoring to have in helping the lost sheep to find their ways home to the Lord.


    1. What a lovely church, a church that cares about the lost sheep of israel is indeed the real bride of Christ. Here in Nigeria, is like a competition. Church is everywhere and yet, making no impact or whatsoever in the lives of people. Evangelism is merely advertisement in disguise. Thanks for your awesome contribution. Oups! Am sorry, not supposed to use the word “awsome” lol. My uncle said that is only God that’s awesome. *grins Thanks for your terrific comment.

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