A fight with the unknown (2)

Episode 1
A fight with the unknown. A howinspiratick story

I felt like I have lost pieces of time and I could feel a sharp headache growing at the back of my head. My heavy eyelid opened and there was a blurred figure at me.

My lens tried to focus but to no avail. The figure was moving, I could only see shades of light but my vision wasn’t vivid. Then slowly, light creep in and I could see a rough face before me. I wanted to jump to my feet but got held down by a rope; I was indeed in real captivity this time. I was tied to an iron chair and an escape was out of reach. I struggled with the iron chair as its legs rough the floor, emanating an unpleasant sound.

“Struggling is of no use kid” His hoarse voice hit my ear and my heart nearly jumped out. Hope was clearly lost. I couldn’t fight such a giant even if I was given a tank filled with food. The sky was clear and birds could clearly be seen from the broken window, flying freely without care of the world.

It was morning and I wasn’t home. I could feel tears building up in my eyes, the fear of the unknown has caught up with me real hard. I raised my head, maybe he will be touched if I plead.

“Please sir, I didn’t do any wrong, I was just lost.. I..I.. Was..” I stammered but the man before me who I have once mistaken for a monster was unmoved by my tears. He’s a monster anyway.

“You will learn to mind your business next time kid, that will be after your lesson.” He said stressing the last word. He beckoned to the door and two huge guys like him surfaced. The other guy was fair and tall while the other was light dark and average in height. They seem to be in the same age rank, late 30s I guess.

“I told you that he will take the belt on the table and he did” the dark skin guy said grining at the other guy who did nothing but to nod. That was how I knew the real cause of my plight the previous night. The bread must have been tampered with. Gladly, it didn’t kill me.

The three unknown enemies came together as whispers pass from one person to the other, to determine my fate. The fair guy looked at me and return his gaze to the group after a smirk escape his face. The rope I was tied to was huge and the knot was unfamiliar. They dismissed after exchanging handshake with the one that looked like their leader. The leader left the wooden house leaving me with the two men whose hands is going to decide whether I live or die.

They began to come to me with evil intent in their eyes, they were dragging their feet slowly as their hands slowly sway to and fro from their sides. They were three foot away when a weary scream shook the whole house. That must have been their hostage. They both rushed to the room and I could hear pleads and sobs. My heart was broken because it was evidently a woman held hostage by this enemies of the land. I struggled with the chair once more but it was quite a futile effort . My eyes hovered round the room, looking for an instrument that might aid my freedom but the little knife at the table was far away.

The sobs coming from the other room subsides and I wondered what they were doing to her. They return to the room with an injection in hand which they later drop at the table.

“Now kid, where were we?” The dark skin guy asked, grabbing the knife at the table and running it at his nose as if perceiving a pleasant smell. The other tall fair guy took a seat thereby leaving the whole episode to his partner in crime. He brought out a cigarette and lit it, puffing out smokes in the air.

“Maybe we should kill him and focus on the mission.” the fair guy suggested looking at me with hate inside his eyes. My heart was beating tensely against my chest. Knowing nothing about an upcoming event was consuming me.

The dark guy came closer, he looked at me in the eye and shock his head. There was an iron wire pinned to his collar and I saw an escape with it. He came closer, whispered to my ears about making life hell while I replied with a bite on his ear, he screamed and before he could back away, I have torn out the wire with my teeth without his notice.

“We will definitely kill him, I can’t wait to do that myself but, gush! What a rotten teeth he have there.” He replied to the suggestion of his partner. He put the knife in his back pocket and left the room but not without messaging his ears as the fair guy followed, giving me a cold stare.

I brought out the iron wire when I thought they have gone far. Using my teeth, i pierced it through the knot, and just like expected, It got loosed. I stood up immediately and head to the room where the hostage was. The door was locked but I kicked it open. Who won’t in a matter of life and death? The young lady was asleep and I tried waking her up but couldn’t. The injection must have been used on her. Knowing that they will come back anytime soon, I carried her on my back and ran out of the room. The cloud was so clear and the temperature hot that convinced me that it was afternoon.

She was heavy and my back ached in pain. But she kept snoring like she was at home. I decided not to follow the bush path again because of what happened the previous night. I trundled along the path, breathing hard like a stallion. I haven’t seen a single soul since I took the path but I wasn’t discouraged.

I decided to rest a little after an hour of running with a burden at my back. I lay her on a tree trunk but she kept sleeping and I was beginning to worry. The blood I saw on this same path came to me. They must have killed someone or perhaps, wounded someone. But I wasn’t going to dwell on that, I need to get to safety first. I carried her again and continued on my journey back home, but my heart was heavy with pains and worry.

( to be continued… )


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