Grasping inspiration when it comes


I was at the park near my neighborhood last week when I got struck by inspiration. I wasn’t expecting  it, it came without triggering my spider sense and I have to scamper for a note to leave the inspiration in ink,

but a note was nowhere to be found and my smartphone was already down. You’ve got to see how frustrated and desperate I was. I know that wasting time was dangerous to inspiration because it comes and disappears like the morning dew. I wanted to teleport home, endless notes and pens lie dormant in my room but sadly, I lack the ABILITY. I sat dejectedly, giving up the quest.

Inspiration is one of the rare entities here on earth. A talented writer turns boring only when the well of inspiration has dried up, a singer looks awkward on stage when not inspired, and an artistic company has folded up simply because employees lost the inspiration they once had. Inspiration has never left mankind but instead, we are always unready when it knocks at the door; just like what happened to me at the park.

It was just a normal sunny day and I thought going to the park to ease stress will be rattling just as it has always been.  My friend Precious came along but not without his camera hanging on his neck, unexpectedly.. the outing ended up leaving me sad because I lost something priceless, something that have always leave me dying in anticipation. Anyway, I wasn’t deeply hurt cause I know inspiration will come back another day. But the hurt I felt was simply because the previous idea brought about by inspiration is lost and lost forever.

You might have once or twice been in my shoe and you have tried to retrieve what you lost. Perhaps it was a raw music that came with a tune but slipped away cause you weren’t with your recorder. Maybe you’re a writer like me and you lost an article you feel will change the lives of your readers. Whatever be the case, you have to understand that is normal. Is normal doesn’t mean you should allow the incident repeat itself though. But now, how do you grasp inspiration when it comes? How do you cage it with an iron of captivity until you are done with your purpose? Well, I think that’s the reason for this article, to teach you how to always cage inspiration.

I wanted to list steps on how to achieve that but discovered that inspiration doesn’t work with so much defined steps. Its simplicity and yet, complex nature have made it almost impossible to comprehend. But one step always work everywhere and anywhere and that is, ”Always be ready.” The intriguing nature of inspiration was the main reason why I started this blog, but whenever it seems like am getting to know it, the more it changes its colour into something unknown thereby causing me to start all over again. But whenever it comes, my feelings transit and creativity becomes real. In some cases, I will try to challenge myself by trying to use my mind to savor it, but my head feels like spinning. That’s the power of inspiration.

Because of the recent ugly incident that happened, I made a resolution and that is; to always go with my jotter wherever I go. I might look crazy or freakish but that’s my burden to bear. That’s the sacrifice I have to make.  Inspiration has a price and thankfully, everyone can pay the price. That is, ALWAYS BE READY WHEN IT KNOCKS.

But there are some days when inspiration cease to exist. Those are usually the most boring day of my life and I find myself acting sluggish throughout the day. Is either I spend the day sleeping with no care of waking, or make the kitchen my temporary room for the day. When it becomes unbearable, I will have to run to the garden cause only there will inspiration be found. So, don’t sit on that couch doing nothing simply because you are not yet inspired. You might wait for eternity my dear. Discover what inspires you to creativity, something that prompts you into doing the impossible. Getting close to nature has always work for me. Being in a place where the air is free and the birds clearly seen in the sky is like taking a potion of inspiration. The mountains and the trees far off causes me to think in an unusual light, causing ideas to flow within like fountain of water. One of the gifts of nature is definitely inspiration. But not everyone knows that.

Be ready when inspiration comes, that’s the secret of creative people. Whenever it refuses to visit, take a visit to its abode then.


2 thoughts on “Grasping inspiration when it comes

  1. I agree with you on how some of the most inspirational moments and thoughts unexpectedly comes at times when you may have no way of quickly jotting it down or quickly typing fast enough on your phone’s notepad or for memory storage. I, too, have experienced this type of moment numerous of times before. So what I have done was try to make my quick inspirational message into a made-up song that I created for myself where I can only know the song’s tune. Overtime, I learned how to add in extra objects into songs to recall my memory. Example: You were at a park, correct? So I would probably add “park benches”, “trees”, or lamp posts into it. So even if one inspirational message may have faded away, your brain is making room to prepare you for an even better message that needs to be shared with everyone. That is a wonderful idea to keep hold of some kind of notebook and pen with you so that you can jot down any upcoming thoughts as quick as possible. Great idea! 🙂

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