My journey to the afterlife


My mind wanted to explore beyond the boundary and I allowed it to wander without restrictions placed. It wondered through a dark tunnel like a being and my ears and sense of smell became very much alive.

The tunnel was old and ancient, millions or perhaps billions of souls have no doubt passed through this same tunnel, they must have come from different destination but heading to same destination. Maybe not the same end awaits them anyway.

Strange symbols were engraved at the walls of the tunnel but its meanings was unknown to me. My attempt to decipher its meaning caused my head to spin and I have to leave it to it’s own cause. At each side stood a burning lamp that luminates the path of souls. A path where every soul must trend upon.

My mind, very much alive at this state, whirled up through a dimension of light that came like a funnel of escape. I wasn’t in control but I was sure of an end. I could see myself leave a dark planet; it has been the most beautiful planet in human perception but now, it was dark and evil.

I was flying with the speed of light around space and unexpectedly, there came a light explosion and I found myself in a different scene, a beautiful unknown garden. I must have passed through a portal. Could this be the garden of Eden? Maybe not. Eden is suppose to be on earth and invisible to human sight. The atmosphere in the garden was enlivening and I could feel inspiration overwhelming me into a different being. The fountain of waters far off the other side contributed to the beauty of this terrific scenery.

My old bones became whole and I could feel a reconstruction going on within my body. I rushed to the river close by but my reflection took me aback. I was young and full of vigor. My mortal body seemed transformed into something that appear almost impossible. I was really lost in admiration of my physical self when a soothing sound came to me, bringing me back to my immediate environment. The sound was too holy to come from a human. I head to the direction of the sound, to ascertain it’s producer cause I too was a singer, perhaps I could join.

I left the garden only to see a city of gold before me. You can call it castle of gold or country of gold and you won’t be wrong. What my eyes beheld hadn’t been perceived by the human mind nor could my imagination paint a vivid picture. The city gate was huge and handsome youths with wings could clearly be seen guiding the gate against unholiness. I trundled toward the gate with joy and hope.

Reaching the gate, the angels guiding the gate were beaming with smiles that caused love itself to consume my very self. The gate opened and I could see angels flying round the beautiful city. Peace and love could be felt without having doubts of its reality. The flowers at each sides looked strange but inspiring. Every building was unique and making a choice on which one to live will really cause a hard time.

An angel flew to me while I was admiring this heaven I have heard so much about. The stories I have heard never did justic to what I was seeing now. The Angel’s white robe seem to blind my sight because of the light that eminent from it, but my sight later adjust to it.

“You seem lost, can I help?” The angel asked in my dialect which baffled me beyond words. I nodded in the affirmative. I didn’t even know whether the angel was a he or she. It was really confusing but beauty seems not to be lacked by them and their smiles can really prompt you into falling in love. I was really drawn to them.

The angel took me to the heart of the beautiful city and into a big castle. Nothing like it is found on earth. The castle was alive and whole to perfection. Where is the angel taking me to? Certainly not the presence of God cause am a wretched sinner and so, unfit to be near the throne of grace.

“That’s why is called The Throne Of Grace, Henry” The Angel interrupted me and it became evident that she can read mind. I swallowed hard as we passed through a door and then to the throne room. The room was wider than my imagination and its end was infinity. But I could see the throne, it was glowing with the light of the sun and He that sat upon it was unseen. The angel immediately left me to my fate.

The throne room was epic in appearance and the words to fully describe it lacking. I began to walk toward the throne but my life was slowly fading and weakness was captivating me.

I fell in weakness and something left the throne, I could feel it and out from the light came a young man. He came upon me, raising me to my feet. A lot of questions where boiling inside of me. Is this young dude God? He just smiled at me and warmth filled my soul immediately.

“Come, sit with me.” He said and I followed him to the throne. I sat beside him and within a short while, young men came to the throne room with staffs in hand. They looked quite young and unknowledgable but in actual sense, were the manufacturers of wisdom.

“These are the twenty-four elders” God said to me and my mouth rose agap. The elders all sat round the throne and their meeting commence, but not without stealing glances at me who sit beside God himself. They must have sense that am human. A human worth more than heaven itself and they knew it. If it weren’t so, a blood won’t have been shade on Calvary tree

“The king of kings, the all wise God, when will the harvest of the earth begin?” An elder asked and another elder took the pace.

“Your children are in agony my Lord, you have to open the seals of the end.”

God was saying nothing but he was definitely with them.

“The serpent needs to work no more on earth. He needs to be thrown.”

“The end will come only when the beginning ends” God said from his throne with a voice that portrayed authority. He raised his hands as if to bless, dismissing them all.

He turnned to me with love in his eyes as he brush my hair like a father to his son.

“You have to go now son, the world needs you more than I do.” I wanted to stay a little longer, no! Forever. I wanted to tell him how much I love him, I also have questions to ask but my consciousness returned without the consent of my will. I was back in my bed, in my room where everything look lost.

Was that my imagination or was it a real out of body experience? Is really puzzling and to further avoid confusing myself the more, I have settled with my imagination. Perhaps it was it at play.

But dear, heaven isn’t a place to MISS! Definitely not a place to miss.

Happy Sunday Everyone.


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