How to improve your self esteem


There’s no doubt that self esteem controls virtually all phase of your life; that includes your relationship, social belongings and health. But only a few seem to be in possession of this unique attribute and it keeps me wondering why..

Having a healthy self esteem is that awesome feeling of being happy with your character, personality and ability. Self esteem determines the way you talk, the friends you hang around with and even the kind of gifts you accepts. But when you are lacking of it, you find yourself hanging with anyone around just to feel accepted, you see yourself accepting gifts that degrades your personality to that of pigs. You can’t afford to be that cause you are GREAT, you are a STAR and should be treated as such.

I was battling with inferiority complex years ago and it was really restricting me from taking advantage of opportunities. In a church youth meeting, everyone seem to have something to contribute, something to say. I have mine though, but the confidence to stand up and spurt it out was not there. It was so saddening. I saw myself as not being up to standard or afraid that my idea might be lame.

Later, I got admission into college and I thougt things will change since am in a different environment, but I was wrong. I easily get intimidate when I see someone more intelligent, handsome or more talented. Seeing such people, I feel like crowing back into my shell of invisibility, I wanted to cease existing. I was seeing myself as a low being and I find myself struggling to appear confident, it must have appear fake. The fear of speaking where I will be heard was still there especially during departmental meetings. What could I be doing wrong?

Anyway, is now history cause I worked on it and today, I can confidently say I have a healthy self esteem. You’re special, you’re wonderful, don’t ever allow anyone make you think otherwise. You have something to offer the world and that’s enough reason to raise your shoulder high wherever you go. Everyone can work on their self esteem, and that includes YOU.

Allow me to take you by the hand through the following five steps, it will set you on the path of healthy self esteem, on the path of accepting who you are and what you are made of.

1. Love your personality

A lot of people literally hate themselves because of where they come from, how wretched their family is or maybe because of how big their head is, how robust their lips are or because of one deformity or the other. But dear, you don’t really need those to be happy, you don’t need them to be confident. Loving yourself irrespective of your physical flaws is a sure way of boosting your self esteem. Tell yourself that you are unique, look at the mirror and see the rarity in you. Love the YOU in YOU.

2. Your Talents –

What’s that awesome ability within you? What makes you stand out from the crowd? Is time to revisit them in case they lay abandoned. I have a wonderful voice, I don’t even need someone to confirm that and it have always been my edge over others. It makes me feel more important thereby boosting my esteem wherever I go. I have gotten a few opportunities to perform in some events and the recommendations I get are always mind blowing. Hearing words like “Dude, you are awesome” have left me loving myself the more. Discover what makes you special and use it to your advantage.

3. Walk with people with healthy esteem –

Who’s that person you admire or envy simply because of their healthy self esteem? Now, get up from that couch and bump on him or her. ( Don’t forget to apologies after the bump please) Make him or her your friend and you will be glad you did. Self esteem can be contagious. Try and walk with someone with a healthy self esteem for a month and see the difference in your personality, yours might even grow higher if care isn’t taken. The people you spend time with matters a lot.

4. Work on your appearance –

We all are wonderful made doesn’t mean we should walk about with a shabby hair or tattered stinking cloth. Good clean cloths have a way of lifting your confidence beyond its normal perimeter. When I talk about appearance, I don’t necessarily mean taking extreme measures. Trying to wear highly design cloths just to appear confidence is so stale, going for cosmetic surgery just to change the shape of your nose or jaw isn’t the way either. Be true to yourself and people will love you for it.

5. Get a dream –

There’s this radiant sparkle of light that beams from people with purpose in life. They face each day with expectation, zeal and enthusiasm. Get a dream and you will see how your self esteem will grow. Get something to die for, get a direction and life will be so smooth without having to worry about being confident cause is now part of who you are.

One thing is to read, another is to implement what had been read into our life. We humans always strive to be better, better than who we were yesterday. But sometimes, laziness captivates us; leaving things undone. Everybody can have a healthy self esteem, even YOU. But it starts to manifest when you take a step.


5 thoughts on “How to improve your self esteem

  1. Nice piece you have written! I enjoyed it. Once in college, I, too, had been bitten by the nervous bug myself once upon a time. My communication class was where I had to learn how to speak up during any presentation assignments. Thank you for reminding me to love myself, and well as keep on loving yourself as well for your gifts. 🙂

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  2. Chaii dear i am happy to hear dis but dear dont 4get dat love is de most impoant tin i life . I wil be carefull wet my self dat is de most impoant in all tin so dat i will get all i need dear keep makeing us to no we have poupose in life

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