Is religion dying?


I remember when I was still a kid then, my mum will wake me up as early as 5am, she will make sure I wash the plates that was used the previous night before she proceeds in bathing me. My dad will sit in the verandah with a big mirror in hand,

shaving off every string of hair in his chin and head in preparation for the big day. Going to church is like taking steps to self realization, fulfillment and peace.

Sunday is certainly a special day everywhere in the world; more especially, Christian homes. Is a day prayers are made, songs sang and petitions that goes beyond time and space rendered. Even before the rooster crows, lights are already up in some distant houses as the normal Sunday routine takes effect. In a typical African setting, chores are shared among every member of the family in other to meet up before the church bell tolls. A young maiden will help the mum in the kitchen and the grown up males will hurriedly go to the pump to fetch some water. Everyone’s face is always glowing radiantly, perhaps, anticipating a turning point in their life and at the same time, in a haste.

Going to church, every platform is filled to it’s capacity as late comers struggle to find limited seats. The inner peace you feel being part of a heavenly group is undescribable. Here in Nigeria, they will shout “praise the Lord” and the response will be “hallelujah” someone else will take the pace and shout “hallelujah” and everyone will respond “amen” even when workers haven’t been paid, even when pump price is rising beyond reach. Even when inflation is the order of the day, they still experience peace in the mist of crisis.

But now, It seems everything has fallen apart. I no longer see that sparkle of enthusiasm on Sundays neither is church filled to it’s brim. All I see is empty rolls and unhappy faces. I no longer hear the normal gospel songs that lifts the soul into worship every Sunday morning other than songs that corrupts the mind. What blares from the speakers doesn’t only itch my ear but scares innocent birds away. Is no longer a day of worship but a day of laundry, cooking, watching movies and playing soccer.

Seeing children play in the sand, or with their toys and sometimes, football on a Sunday morning bleeds my heart terribly. Even my fellow youths aren’t helping matters cause they have converted Sunday into a suitable day to host a football tournament.

What could really be going on? Have they discovered something that I haven’t? Have they gotten a new faith? Or have their faith in God evaporate? The atmosphere in the church isn’t enlivening anymore. Is dull, saddening and nothing to write home about. It has indeed become a perfect avenue to sleep.

          The Rise Of Atheism

Atheism is fast growing into something unbelievable. A believe of a nonexistent God. Everything around speaks of a loving God, but sadly, others think otherwise. The inexorable rise in atheism is so alarming; more especially among the youths. They claim to be educated, scientifically inclined and logical enough to weigh the ways of God. They keep asking for scientific prove of a spiritual entity which makes no sense. They believe to be the ‘few enlightened ones’ whereas they are trending a path that leads to damnation. They forgot that the things which have remain undiscovered is indeed bigger than mankind.

Everybody is in a haste, time waits for no one and as thus, the abandonment of religion to attend to a more pressing need becomes the right option. They kept being monotonous and also in a haste with no joy, no peace, no happiness to brag about. They keep walking round and round a circle, believing to meet fulfilment but it seem out of reach. They are overlooking an important truth in life, the peace found in religion.

             The Way Forward
I tried talking to some of my friends the other day why they doesn’t resonate with God or things pertaining to Him and their answer was shocking.

“My parents aren’t religious so I grew up not being religious”

I was stunned at their responses. The parents have a huge role to play in other to embed uprightness, truth and spiritual awakening to their children. It all start from the home. But unfortunately, they are busy. Is either they are at work, in a meeting, wedding ceremony or perhaps, at a friends domain bickering on something stale and unproductive. Is time to wake up, is time to do the needed.

A spiritual minded man is a man with a destination whereas a man who doesn’t believe in the supernatural takes everyday as it comes. Why won’t they take it as it comes if it only ends here? But there’s more to life. There’s more to our existence. One of the things that can change a man is when he have a personal encounter with God Almighty. Just give him a chance and he will prove himself.

Looking at nature, the beautiful trees, the ocean current, the terrific feeling when exposed to air is an evidence of a wise God. He is indeed a great Designer because of how beautiful the world glows. Nothing have come into existence as a result of an uncontrolled random event nor by accident. There’s always an inventor. Just as a building have a builder, just as a watch have a maker, so is you and your creator is Jehovah.

No matter what happen, no matter how fast the world changes her garment, religion will never die cause is part of humanity. Despite our struggle not to appear religious, there’s always something within drawing us back to God, to the supernatural. We don’t need to fight it, let’s embrace it. Only then will our purpose be revealed.


14 thoughts on “Is religion dying?

  1. I enjoyed reading your powerful message and I am in agreement with you about how religion will never desist to exist for it will always be a spiritual warfare as explained in Ephesians 6:12, which speaks about how our fight is not against flesh and blood but against the evil that roams around on earth. So when I gaze up at your picture of an empty church, yes… it does bring about a sad and down feeling about how such a once lively-and-crowded church home is dwindled into a smaller group meeting every Sunday; my home church is experiencing a similar state, but that does not mean that the devil can break our love and support, and no matter what the circumstances or reasons may be for each person, we will always feel as if we’re our own spiritual family. Some children can actually learn about whom God is despite their own parents not being involved and teaching them anything. I am one person of many Christians that may have grown up in an environment where the parents were not big supporters of whom Jesus was. What I did was sought out my questions from my outside group friends and meetings, and it was here when I learned about whom Jesus was, what he had done, and how He is the biggest friend we can always speak with. This main outside friend was my first supervisor during my freshman years in college and she gave me the greatest gift for my 19th birthday: My own Bible.

    I say to this to never give up on children, but rather, show patience and continue to remain vigilant and pray over them. At anytime, you may be influencing and teaching someone that has been watching you and your actions. You’ll never know how much of a strong blessing you may be into someone’s life. This is also another testimony about even my own self. Great article.

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    1. I agree with almost everything you said my sister. My local church over here is getting more and more empty every Sunday; our pastor thought that maybe much evangelism is not been done and he admonished the evangelism group into putting more effort. I joined the group because of my passion for Gods work but much difference wasn’t felt. As for children, is true that they can learn to love God and know who He is but is also paramount for every parents to set the path. It makes it more easier for them on the long run. Thank God a helper was sent to you. Someone who never had any can get lost if care isn’t taken. As for being a role model, I keep praying to live right cause am certainly sure a lot of people want to follow my steps and I won’t like to lead them to the wrong path. Your testimony is very inspiring. More grace to you.😃

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      1. Sending my prayers and blessings to you, brother Henry Ibeleme. 🙂 As an effort, my church hosts or has a lot of events that can be fun for both the members and anyone that would love to join in on the festivities. Does your church have a schedule of events lined up outside of service? One event we have is called a ‘Community Walk’ where one service day, we exercise walk around one of our community parks with one another. Keep in mind that when it seems as if one door (plan) is closing, God already has a plan for another door is opening or has opened for you. Remain and stay strong, brother Henry. With God, all things are possible. God Bless. 🙂


      2. Thanks for your prayers. “Community Walk” Sounds interesting. What we do is “Outreach” which usually hold every third Sunday of every month were every member will have to reach out to people with tracks and Gods word. Is a privilege reaching out to the lost sheep of Israel.No matter what happen, we will keep pressing forward without giving room for quit.

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