Announcement please


I have been blogging like a ship without a control system and I think that’s about to change and am so sorry if it’s going to affect you negatively. Perhaps am to be blamed; perhaps not. That’s one of the mistakes one have to encounter during the initial stage of a thing. Then as time goes, advancement surface.

Am going to be posting three(3) Articles weekly. It will not only help me have more time for my studies, it will also help in creating more quality articles just for enlightenment and fun. I believe in quality and not in quantity and as thus, can’t wait to give you just that.

Sundays will be for Faith articles. Articles that lefts your spirit into the supernatural. Whatever we do in life, the spiritual shouldn’t be left behind and this blog recognises that.

Wednesdays will be for articles that centers on Inspiration, motivation and self development. You will surely be Inspired, motivated to greatness and also an opportunity to build up your personality with our development articles into being a better you. It will serve as a fuel that drives you throughout the week and beyond.

Saturdays will be a day of refresh. That is, entertaining you with stories that leaves you craving for more. Sometimes, it can be a moral story, sometimes, it will be just for the fun of writing. You will really enjoy it.

Please, the only encouragement I need from you is your comments. It shows that am not just talking to myself but to someone special like YOU.

The train is filled up and ready to take off, let’s move together.

Love you dearie..


6 thoughts on “Announcement please

  1. I love ur post keep it up wen ever i here’s ur topic it toch my heart. The world dat comes out of ur mouth is a world of joy,happeness a world of faith an it helps me alost

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