How to control negative emotions


The human emotion is like the waving of the ocean waves. It rises and fall. When the atmosphere is still, peace is seen but when the winds blow, It roars like a lion caught in a trap.

We all are humans and as thus, prone to feel emotional because of the happenings in our environment. There are a lot of things that could sway our emotions like heartbreaks, disappointments, death of a love one, jealousy etc. Whatever be the case, being able to gain mastery of your emotions is something you do for YOURSELF if you must be happy.

In one of my recent articles, “How to live happier everyday” I have discovered that controlling your emotions goes a long way to ensure your happiness in life. You don’t allow everything that pass across have an effect on you dearie. Especially things of the negative.

I overheard my family members the other day saying that I have a wide range of tolerance, in the sense that I hardly give way to anger but that’s not entirely true. I sometimes feel the anger swelling up within with great momentum, but I try to make out time, I try to calm myself down and ask myself questions to ascertain the cause of the anger and the best possible response.

Believe me, if you can ask yourself the reason for the rising grey emotion, it really helps in bringing it into a halt and stops its further toil on you. Gaining mastery of your emotion isn’t something you do over night, it’s indeed an everyday battle. it’s a gradual process and being consistent with it brings forth satisfying days. Now, let me help you build the foundation of emotional control. Is all about self development and is an ability you can’t do without. Let’s go…

1. Look for the trigger:


The fact is, everyone gets sad, angry, envious every now and then. Even the people you feels that are at the top level of their self development. BUT how do you handle the feeling when it comes? Ask yourself the reason for the current emotional status. Try to locate the trigger – the source. In rare cases, you might not even fathom the cause but don’t be confused. There’s definitely a trigger somewhere. A problem known is half solved according to a popular saying.

2. Write it down:


After you have discovered the root source of the negative emotion. The next step is to write it down. This step have indeed helped me beyond words. Whenever I feel the problems of this world crashing down on me, whenever I discover that the negative emotion is too heavy a burden to carry, I grab my pen, grab my diary, and start writing it down. It feels like a transfer of these unholy feelings from my mind to the book, and I usually feel much better afterwards. Try it!

3. Time to take action:


You have discovered the root cause of the negative emotion, its been written down neatly in your diary. Well, congratulations but it doesn’t end there. The ultimate step is to take action on those emotions. The response you take concerning how you feel now determines how you feels afterwards. Discover the root cause and cut it off. You have many alternatives to choose from, please, take time to analyze the possible consequences of a given action. For instance, If someone had angered you? The best gift to give yourself is to forgive. Forgiveness is no doubt the best option to go for.

Before you initiate any action, ask yourself:

-Will my action hurt someone?
-Will i regret taking this action?

If you had answered NO, then go ahead and deal with that emotion.

Take note: you might not be able to choose how you feel, but you are able to control how you feel and the actions you take.

What negative emotion are you currently at war with? I would love to hear from you.

5 thoughts on “How to control negative emotions

  1. I enjoyed your message here on how someone can gain control of their emotions and the simple steps that person can take to release that pressure of anger; most importantly, this will help me while I am dealing with current challenges in my life that has been taking place lately. From the loss of many relatives and so much more has at times led me to encounter some kind of argument or just being upset. So what I do plan to do is make sure to write down any kind of anger I may feel. I know that I may not feel like ‘Super Woman’ all the time, which is honestly far from the truth, but I know that your lesson will be a BIG HELP for me.


    1. Being sad or angry has always been part of we human. Is in our nature, but the most important thing is learning to keep it under control without allowing it to deprive us of our joy. Am glad you love the post. Looking forward to seeing more post on your blog. You’re just an amazing writer.

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