Discover your purpose in life


One of the things that can change a man Is not when he hits a jackpot, is not when he graduates from college neither is it when he settles down with a wife but when he comes in contact with his purpose. The joy of knowing who you are and what you are meant to accomplish is undescribable, but is very disheartening to note that many purpose lay undiscovered.

Irrespective of the distractions that have plagued and dominated our present world; is it still possible and easy to discover what we were meant to accomplish here on earth? I can’t help but feel doleful at the rise of choosing a path that negete with our primary aim of existence. Many have derailed from that ultimate purpose and the chances of spilling off the wheel is even higher especially at this busy world that seems to fly ahead of time.

When I was eight years old, I wanted to be a lawyer because of the immense respect accorded to them and their unbiased display of confidence; not excluding it’s lucrativeness. People around thought it’d suit me well cause am an argumentator (*grins)

Later, I took an enthralling interest in journalism. Perhaps because of my undying love for writing but later took a different path.

Then again, music struck me and I found out that am so talented and well endowed with a rare rich soprano vocal that set me aside from my fellow musical geeks

Why would I be good at so many things and yet, settling for none will not only be a statement but a question and a mystery to me. I was a dedicated confusionist if you ask me. Always sitting on the fence without any purpose in life. I wasn’t trying to solve a problem, i wasn’t looking at the bigger picture. Was just after the gains. Was after the outcome which was so stale.

Maybe you can even relate to my story and you feel like abandoning the mystery behind your existence. Is even more depressing when you look down from a higher ground and might began to wonder.

“Why am I in this world?”

“What am I called to accomplish?”

“How do I discover my purpose of existence?”

What if I tell you that the answer to your question is with you. Yes! Is right there you are. I was good at many things but was overlooking something that really makes a difference. Something that might look easy, degrading but in actual fact, was the ultimatum.

I love solving puzzles, mysteries, riddles, offering solution to possible problems and offering advice especially to my contemporaries. Usually dedicate hours on social platform rendering help to people with needs. It seem natural to me and never has it come to my consciousness to carve a niche from it. Not until someone suggested “blogging” and I was like; “Damn! that’s it!” I saw a way of helping more and more people around the world.

What do you do that seems natural to you? It might be painting, drawing, singing etc. Or perhaps is law because of your Inquisitive way of talking. Or doctor because of your passion for life saving. You may be good at a lot of things but there’s one that really makes a difference. Take a time. There’s no rush. Discover that! Don’t belittle any.

One major factor that has blind us from seeing beyond is when we feed our mind with only the gains. It keeps us stranded and confused about life. My dads favourite quote is;

“To be successful, you have to do what others are doing. To be more successful and fulfilled, you have to do what you love doing.”

Not only is the quote one of his favorites, he has gone an extra mile to paste it around the house, perhaps to direct us when making critical decisions. You’ve got to do what you love if you must finish fulfilled.

Apart from the rewards you tend to get, there’s more to it. By doing what you were created to do, you add value to those around you, and also help others fulfill their own purpose. Have you ever gone to a bank only to see the cashier’s face squeezed? You can’t afford to live the rest of your life squeezing your face dear. You deserve more. You deserve to wake up excited and happy. You deserve to be happy about what you do.

When your discover your PURPOSE, a sparkle of light and a reason to keep facing all the ups and downs becomes evident. Even when crisis strikes, the joy within won’t allow you feel the impact most.

Why not take a halt and discover that unique thing you were meant to undertake? Is far better to die poor with a smile on your face than to die rich feeling empty and unfulfilled. There’s more to life than just going to school, getting good grades, graduating, getting a job and finally settling down with a wife. My dear, there’s more to life. Is now left for you to discover the MORE that needs to be discovered.


2 thoughts on “Discover your purpose in life

  1. I think of myself as a jack of all trades and a master of none. Some would tell me that this is not goo for me that I need to focus on one are and excel in that choice. It took a while for me to learn something about myself. I don’t have to be the master of my life since Have given it to God, Jesus is my Master. For His Lord of me and He can use all these various gifts as He sees fit. I am an artist, a writer, and a photographer to list just a few of the gifts He has given me, and through these gifts I am able to approach or be approached by various people in various situations. Recently I was outside of a grocery store and I looked up to the clouds and decided to photograph them. A man who was about to enter the store saw me and asked me what I was doing. I was able to share how I saw the beauty in God’s creation, and how I saw the sky as God’s ever changing canvas. It was a short conversation but I was able to talk about God with a complete stranger. I have other stories of how God has worked through me His vessel and handiwork.

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  2. Wow.. Am a photographer too. Although am working part time under someone and only during summer holidays. Planning on getting a personal camera soon. i just love nature and capturing them will be an awesome experience.

    To me, you have discovered your purpose. Do you know how? Because you are happy and enthusiastic about what you do. I can feel that passion over here lol. And not only are you enjoying yourself, you’re also using your gift to talk to someone about God. What’s greater than that? Just keep doing what makes you happy and the sky will be your starting point.


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