How to manage stress

How to manage stress

The scorching hot sun above was weighing heavily upon me as If to beat me down to the ground, or perhaps, wanting me to cry out in frustration, but I was determined to keep on. Even the bag i was holding was now scrapping the ground, heavy itself; the one thick notebook inside was like a mighty stone.
Too heavy to be a book. I wonder what the manufacturers were thinking anyway.

Lectures that day was hectic I must say, waking up very early just to get a front roll seat has always deprived me of my breakfast. Running around for other lectures, test and tutorials seems to be the norm and the day is always hot, and unbearable when on an empty stomach. The stress is usually horrible especially the distance you will have to cover to meet up in all your study for the day. At the end, you are famished and weak.

Stress could be so bad and depressing. Workers in the office can attestify to that, those at the market place have their own story to tell. It doesn’t matter whether the work they do is mainly mentally demanding or manual, what matters is that everyone is prone to be stressed. But how can you manage it? How can you carry on without allowing stress have an impact? Stress can be a sabotage of our joy if not carefully checked. Now help me, let’s roll down on how to deal with it.

1. Love what you do – I seriously love school. I feel connected with my books and pens, even the chairs and lecturers. But sometimes, stress comes after long hours have been spent, after when energies within have been burnt, after running for limited seats, after all those rigorous writing. When such happens, I just hit the bathroom, freshen up a bit and I feel whole once again. My love for school do give me hidden energies even when the all is out. Love what you do, be enthusiastic about it and you won’t find yourself down.

2. Always take a break – We aren’t robots dear, we have feelings. Now is the time to fly to the canteen, order some ice cream and popcorns. Is even best if you do that with friends. So get down and enjoy yourself. Laugh, joke, be kiddish just for the moment. You will see tensed nerves getting relax. For those that are good with sports, you can engage in one and sweat off those tensions. Running has always been my favorite. It works like magic.

3. Mediate- you don’t need to be a Buddha monk to do that. Get a natural environment. Mediating near a running stream could be terrific. Perhaps the garden can work fine anyway, but make sure the environment is in a tranquil state. Cross your legs, breath normally and allow your emotions to flow freely. Calm yourself and fill yourself with nature.

4. Revisit your hobbies – When last did you do the things you love naturally? Maybe you can’t even remember. When I got admitted newly into college, I was so obsessed over reading to make good grades and impress my dad. Is a good thing though but I was missing a piece of my life. I had stopped singing and it was like i have stopped breathing. I resume my rehearsals and my former self resurfaced. Now is the time to do those things you love, it will go a long way in keeping you out of strees.

5. Sleep – You heard me right, SLEEP! Your day have been burden filled and i think you owe your bed a hug. Stop complaining about the stress, sleep will take it all away. Sleep works when all remedies have failed. Sometimes, stress is giving us a warning to take a break and kiss the bed. We humans can go throughout a week without sleep if our system have accommodated us. But thank God we can’t. We always have a bell that rings when it’s time to do the needed. Thanks to nature.

Stress is beautiful and not beautiful. Is a two side coin. It depends on how you view it though, but always answer when it calls cause is part of us. Don’t complicate yourself or things around you, if you can keep everything simple, you won’t worry about stress.

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