Your mind, your only limitation


The most powerful tool for success is the mind. The ranging battle going on in our mortal mind is breathtaking and overwhelming. Imagine contradictory thoughts flooding in and out in an earnest battle to win, to influence our decision and ultimately, take control of our action. What hurts the most is when negativity remains the dominating occupant.

Those thoughts are either present to raise us up or to sink us right deep into the ground. That’s why we must be conscious of the thoughts we allow to dwell in our mind. The only limitation we have is our mindset. If you believe that you are going to fail that exam, then you surely will fail. If you believe that nothing good ever happen to you, they never will happen. The limitation is never in our weaknesses, our poor background or academic qualification. The limitation lies within our mind. There’s a saying which purports that you cannot achieve what you cannot see. Until you begin to see success, victory, healing, promotion, admission and long life, they will never be yours. Enlarge your vision, enlarge your dream with the most powerful tool of all, the mind.

A year ago when I went for a music competition. Everyone believed in me because of my rare sopranish vocal coupled with an amazing tone. I set out with so much confidence but along the way, negative thoughts crawled in. You can’t hang around with negative thoughts and yet, expect to live a positive life. I had all it takes but I couldn’t succeed because of the strong negative thoughts within.

The war is within us, if we are defected in the mind, then the battle is lost.

A good neighbour of mine by the name Prosper always face ignominy because of his poor academic performance. He’s humble, gentle, have never seen him with a bad friend and for the fact that he’s very respectful. I decided to speak to him and was surprised with what he has to say.

“Henry, School isn’t just my thing, I don’t think I have the brain” He said with so much certainty.

I began to wonder if we posses different brain. The only different between a success and a failure is what they believe in and the thoughts which they have allowed to dwell among them. Whatever u believes in clears or block ways for you. People especially graduates and undergraduates here in Nigeria keep lamenting about lack of employment opportunities.

“You cannot get a work unless you have connection”

Have become their watchword. They believed strongly in their words and yet, still run around looking for job knowing full well that they have no connection. Who are they deceiving? But my cousin had no connection and yet, works in a renowned company. Touring the world as if is her birthright.

To win that battle, to come out victorious at the summit, first of all, win the battle in your mind. Break away from a pessimistic human, they do more harm than good by reprogramming your mind from positivity to the negative. That’s one of the warning signs that indicate if someone should be a friends or just an ordinary fellow.

Negative filled people have a way of spreading their grey aura to vulnerable individuals. Don’t fall a victim. Instead of allowing them impact on you, why not impact on them positively? Change environment if possible, at times, our environment can be too small for our dream. Don’t ever allow anything restrict you from attaining that which your heart craves for.

If you succeed in winning the battle in your mind, then the battle is won!


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