How to be your best


Everybody seems to be in a haste to overtake the other, to run longer distance and then receive praises of being the best. It can be satisfying especially if you turn out being the winner, but is more fulfilling if you do your very best in any field. That is, unleashing the full potentials within to do whatever activity your hand is found doing rather than allowing the other person influence on your ability.

Am not going to tell you how to be better than that your friend or business partner. There’s more to life than competition, until you believe that, you will never be able to awake the best in YOU. This time around, you are in competition with who you were yesterday. This isn’t the time you sit down in the couch bemoaning about lacking the necessary skills, what you need now is faith in yourself. As long as am concerned, everybody is blessed with one gift or the other. Is time you open your eyes to see what’s to come. Believing in the YOU to come.

Right from a tender age, when other kids in the neighborhood will go out to play football or sand bath themselves in the sun, what I usually do was check into the community library and read fairytales. I have always love books, reading always have been what am known for. The hunger to  read and keep reading was so consuming that my mum saw me as a weird kid. I started writing my first book at the age of eleven, although it never got published because of financial reasons. But I believe I will be an author one day (winks) Am not going to give up on my dreams, so you shouldn’t either. My current aim is to keep working on myself to be better. To be better than the Henry of yesterday.

No matter the blockade on the path, you don’t have to stop doing that which comes when inspiration strikes. Can you sing? Why not join a choir and learn more about music? If you can play any musical instrument, or seriously battling with an undying passion to learn one. A band out there is looking for potential people like you. Maybe you can write very well or perhaps, a football fanatic. Whatever it is, you can create a career out of your hobby.

Whatever you can do, you have to do it well, give the best you can. Sharpen your gift, add a touch of uniqueness and you will be on the path of becoming your best.

I’ve got some points below to get you started. But remember, the key to become the very best you can ever be is within your reach.

• Discover your gift – Before you start walking down the lane, before you mount that horse, you must at least have a purpose, a destination. The earlier you discover your final bus stop, the much difference it makes. What do you enjoy doing? What ability do you have that makes you feel special always? I think that’s where your gift lies. Don’t overlook it if it seem so simple or easy. There’s always greatness in the simple.

• Friends with common interest – You have discover your gift, something that determines the path you trend upon. Well, that gift also decide who you go with. You’ve got to  build strong walls around you. People with common dreams and gift. You don’t walk with them for walking sake, you intertwine yourself with them cause they help in bringing out the best in you. Don’t waste your time with people who adds nothing to your life. Time is too precius to waste on meaningless things.

• Work on yourself – You have discover your gift, got entangled with friends who share same aspirations. Now is the time for self development. You don’t sit down folding your arms. You’ve got to work and perfect whatever skills you are bless with cause If you don’t, my dear, you skill will evaporate like the morning dew. Don’t let a day pass without an added value in your life.

• Final step – You have successfully sore through the above steps? Wow! Congratulations. Now is the time to wow the world. You don’t just become your best and close the chapter. Hell NO! You affect the world with it cause that’s what we are created to accomplish; to leave a mark before our departure. Is even much easier now that the world is a global village. A place where you are discovered irrespective of your geographical location. Use social websites to brocast yourself. Is not always about chatting, is about discovery. Sites like YouTube is always a nice place to hang out. Don’t be shy, hit the spot!

Is not as simple as it may sound, but this time around, what you need is patience and the passion to keep driving you along. You don’t have to settle for mediocrity, you were born to be a star.

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See you next time!


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