A journey with the right people


Every day begins with new challengies, opportunities, decisions and people. The major purpose of every visionary Individual is to reach the apex of the mountain. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t; but the main determinant of how they end lies hugely on who they journey with.

In the journey of life, many are likely to fall on the way, some might derail from the right path, some will quit because of disappointment and pain while some will reach the finish line – the final destination. One of the reasons why I love this journey so much is because when you fall, miss the road or decides to quit, someone is ever ready to offer a helping hand, to encourage you, to direct your path and to give you reasons why you must keep pushing forward despite all odds.

Do you know why am currently sad? Is because the so called future oriented individuals aren’t journeying with the right people. In fact, they have entangled themselves with visionless beings who have no care of the future nor do they possess the capability to raise them up in case failure occurs. While another category of individuals are journeying with people whose destination and purpose in life aren’t intertwined with theirs. Is like trying to merge two animals of different specie for breeding which is quite impossible.

It doesn’t mean you should avoid the company or friendship of people with different paths in life, it entails knowing within that they have little or no part to play in fulfilling your purpose here on earth. But when you find yourself in the mist of the right team, you began to understand that ‘Struggle’ is when a fish tries to survive on dry land whereas an ocean is nearby where she can freely swim and survive without obstruction. An environment where she discovers all life has to offer.

Is probably hard to break away from the wrong set of people, but is a decision you have to make; not just for yourself but also for them. Everybody has a role to play in your life but try as much as possible to know when their part is over. It will really help you on the long run. Not breaking away from them entails dragging yourself backwards and running round a circle. It entails blinding yourself from opportunities and paths you are to trend on. A recent article I published “Is he really my friend?” could help give you a clue on whether you are moving with the right person.

Finding the right team can be somewhat hard, but be open, they aren’t far away from you. All you’ve got to do is look.

When I got admission into college, one of my goal was to fly around with fellow writers. It wasn’t easy like I had thought. The people I keep coming across doesn’t even have the patience to sit down and read a short notice board talk off having the patience to write. But I never got discouraged, i never gave up cause i know that the inspiration they will give worth it.

If you are passionate in seeing your dreams become a reality, if you really want to succeed, then you must drop the people dragging you backwards and make friends with a higher burning zeal than yours. That’s simply the secret of successful people.


2 thoughts on “A journey with the right people

  1. I read beyond the fourth paragraph, and I had thought you wanted to stick to being difficult to break away from those who doesn’t add value to your existence.. I was refreshed when I got to the very last paragraph which portraits the very possibility to take such a bold step.

    I have no problem dumping friends who doesn’t motivate me. Maybe I’m just not normal. Apparently, I have just one life to live, and I like to do all that makes me happy during my lifetime.
    That includes trashing friends who might want to drag me back.

    Great post, Henry.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Am glad you love the post. Moving with the right team in life can be a terrific experience cause they drag you to your destination faster than you imagined. That’s why am always conscious of my friends cause my life depends on it. Looking forward to seeing more of you Oluswhy. Before I forget, your blog is awesome. Great articles. Gonna head over and read just for the fun of it.


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