9 Things smart people do


Intelligent or smart people are always known wherever they go to. They tend to do things differently and more especially, break the conventional way of doing a thing. Below are some of their attributes and I hope you read and develop yourself in attaining the next level of development.

1. Reads a lot – They are hyper nerd humans. Their most treasured possession is certainly their book cause to them, is an asset. Seeing them read, you will definitely think they want to lecture their lecturer. They believe in information, what they are yet to know and their major barrier is when there’s no new book at their disposal. Reading is not just a habit but a part of who they are and the evidence of their reading lies hugely on their awe inspiring way of talking.

2.  Awake at night – ooh yea! That might sound like a torment especially if you aspire to attain the height of the so called intelligent ones. Researchers believe that people who stay awake at night are more developed than others who doesn’t. Am not talking about being awake to play games or watch movies that doesn’t impact positively, I mean, doing something productive, something that adds to what you already know. It takes discipline to stay awake when others are snoring. But if you teach your system how to stay awake, you will soar in development.

3. Taking to oneself – This isn’t the insane type of talking to yourself. In fact, this is best done in a calm  environment, a place where mother nature grins. I prefer the beach. Smart people do this once in a while and it acts as a refresh button, making some complex phenomenon simple and getting to know yourself the more. Is like being alone to yourself, asking questions and giving yourself an answer.

4. Always questioning – There are questions that makes you look smart. By asking questions, you add to your piles of knowledge. Not asking question is a trait of someone whose intellect is stale and unopen to learn. You don’t have to be with the answer always. Now sit down, ask questions and learn.

5. Concentrates on the knowledge they lack – People love appearing smart by spurting out facts and figures, coupled with undisputable facts just to feel secured and smart. But in actual fact, are scared of the unknown, while the really smart ones appear humble and enthusiastic when a new trick is about to be learned.

6. Hangs out with smart people – Is very satisfying being the smartest person in a group, but smart people derives more satisfaction in the company of those higher than him, those who share indept insight and unique perception. They love to see people who challengies them cause it prompts them to develop the more.

7. Debates topics – They are argumentators but in a meaningful and educative way. Through debate, they show the world what they know and to themselves, insights on where to work more and develop.

8. Learn lessons from experience – Experience is always the best teacher wherever you go and as thus, they have utilized its power in a unique way. The safest way they do this is by learning from other people mistakes. Through the people around them, the books they have read, the movies they have watched and the stories they have heard.

9. They separates logic from emotion – They are not biased or sentimental in some sensitive or controversial issues but rather, they take time to look at the big picture. They hate to be bound by lessons of the past if it doesnt align with reality. They are always skeptical and open to new ideas.

If most of the above describes you, then you are smart, but hey… don’t sit back in the couch feeling like a genius. Their is always more to learn, more to behold and more to discover.


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