Why am I always sick?


“Ever since I was born or could remember, I have been battling with insulin injection and diabetics. It’s so depressing not living a normal life like others.” –James

“I overheard the doctor saying that I won’t be able to walk because of the advance stage of leukemia. Not only am I going to live the rest of my life crippled, am to frequently undergo chemotherapy which is horribly painful.” –Jessica

The weakness of the body is what makes us human. Passing through occasionally pain is part of our existence here on earth. Sicknesses and diseases is normal as long as this victimised world is concerned but pitiful when it stops you from being happy and a normal life denailed.

I was in Federal Medical Center Umuahia few days ago and honestly speaking, my perception of life got altered the moment I stepped foot into the emergence ward. I saw individuals like me lying lifeless in bed. Some had pipes running through their noses while some from their navel point. A woman at the other end was wringing in pain as she held her stomach begging the nurses for attention, but the nurses paid no attention cause they too were busy. My heart stopped momentarily when I saw a little lad with an amputated arm. It was horrible. What happened? I couldn’t even ask. Minutes later, the nurses wheeled a corpse outside to be deposited in the mortuary as the outside siren wailed. Then another body and many more lifeless bodies followed thus as onlookers fold their arms in disbelieve, wondering what life is worth. Pendulum broke loose when a patient’s pulse dropped as doctors rushed to his bed space. Charge! Release! Charge! Release! was all I heard only to find his relatives crying furiously, calling upon the Gods they know to intervene. The doctors came out with heads hung in the air and it became apparently clear that they failed. Another life have been lost.

Such ugly incidences have made a lot of people lose faith in life, they have slump in the ground, resorting to fate. They no longer care about happiness cause it’s out of reach. They keep living expecting to behold the worst. “My life is full of shit” they have said dejectedly. They even wonder if there’s indeed a divine being up high. Among these beds lie dreams yet to be accomplish, visions yet to come to pass and gifts yet to be discovered. But they have remain captivated by the ills of the world. They have been caged within the four walls of sickness and pain. They keep longing to see the light of the day but had lose hope of ever succeeding.

A normal life isn’t just a word but a mentality. It lies more on what you label normal and abnormal, but in light of sickness, you can still live happily even when faced with agony. Instead of asking; why am I always sick? Why always in pain? Why not ask about how to conquer even in the face of sickness? To accomplish your goals despite all odds.

Tragically, we cannot fully eliminate sickness and pain but we can hinder it from taking the best of us. Are you sick? Are you in pain? With happiness, you will conquer. With happiness, you will heal. With happiness, you discover the secret of life. Keep pushing. Don’t ever quit! Arrows pass through a process of pain when drawn, but when the string is released, it drives them faster to their destination, more than they have ever imagined. Sometimes, ills drives us faster than we can imagine. Someone said that sickness is the great revealer. Perhaps she’s right.


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