Travel To Space


A look at how spherical and most beautiful earth looks never cease to amaze me. The calmness which always come upon my tender soul every moment I behold it comes in variational degrees, causing me to question the possibility of me being able to contain in such a small ball.

Is probably not small but really true judging from a distance.

The green, blue and white texture of its surface is indeed an evidence of life. The sparkling galaxy that surrounds it proves beauty. What about the meteor rocks? The streaking light is awe-inspiring. I once believed meteor rocks to cause chromosomal alteration when it comes in contact with humans. According to my kiddish mentality, the individual becomes possessed with paranormal abilities. My world was filled with fantasies then.

The utter quietness in space is beyond the human mind. Even an attempt to disrupt the silent usually prove futile unless there’s a meteor explosion. Going farther away, other planets creeps into the picture. Dark grey spherical darkness, whirling and spinning round its orbit. Looking away from the earth and into the other ends of space makes you want to scream. Despite the milky way, is still a fearful sight.

The moon is another element to behold. Always busy in an attempt to luminate its environment. Sometimes I feel like watching the moon for eternity. The more you look, the more the hunger within craves for more. The inspiration it carries is limitless and Awesome. I tend to do the impossible just by looking at the moon. Her smiles, always encouraging me to try harder without any atom of fear, without feeling tensed or being conscious of failure.

Leaving the earth, passing through other planets like Jupiter and others yet to be discovered, I began to Inquire the possibility of earth being the only planet capable of inhibiting life. I came to understand that the word “Universe” is just a part comprehendible by man. I prefer to use “multiverse” cause the universe is among millions and millions of other universe unknown to us. Among these universe is life. Their civilization encompasses that of earth. Technologies found outside our universe Is quiet strange and unexplored by us. They haven’t even been perceived in our mortal minds talk of its construction. The speed of their ship is equivalent to that of light, and the pushing of buttons or touching of gadgets is a big offence. Just a voice command and the blinking of an eyelid, your order comes waiting for your response.

Its inhabitant are humanoid in appearance but the variation lies in the hardness of their skin and the piercing effect of their eyes. They knew about our existence but has remained adamant in establishing a contact. They believe that once a contact is made, the end becomes evident because of our unpredictable trait. Unpredictability is the first attributes humans possess as long as life outside earth is concerned. Despite their advanced technology, they still dwell in fear of humans.

The wideness of the world is infinity. It doesn’t end. The farther you go, the more you discover. The more you discover, the more questions keep flooding in for answer. Having so many unanswered questions can make a man run mad. Discovering the undiscoverable is a watered ground where controversies spring forth and without much empirical facts to justify your claims, don’t be shocked when labelled delusional. Like me, I don’t have much evidence to ascertain the genuineness of my claims. *winks*

My travel to outer space was terrific and will certainly love to try it again.


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