Rays Of The Setting Sun


After a hectic and stressful day, I caught an unusual ray peeping into my room through the delicate linen curtain. Perhaps saying good evening as I watch in anticipation. I drew closer to my window, allowing the rays cling to me. The feeling was inspiratic. The warmness enveloped the inner me causing joy to take over.

The sun is no doubt one of my favourite element especially when its ready to warm the other side of the globe. But seeing the rays penetrate into my room gave me something unique and priceless. Something I have always crave for – inspiration. My love for nature is unexplainable that I have secretly wished to get a home with its window facing the east sea where I could behold the setting sun daily. Being in such senerio is like being and communicating with mother nature herself. You could even feel her tender love and warmth.

The sun orange face, grinning broadly at me like a baby to her mother. Passing through leaves and winds, descending on my ethereal skin with an intuitive feeling of uniqueness is rare. It brings peace which nothing else can give. It bring moments of solitude, love and an appreciating ability of life.

I had no lover to share this wondrous moment with, not until my pet leaped into my laps with an enthusiastic sparkle in his eyes. I held unto him, as I pat his head. He jumped unto the window, beholding the wonderful element. His ears stood erect like an antenna as he watch in expectancy. Probably waiting for inspiration to flood in.

I quickly grabbed my ink and scroll, i made sure never to leave a line without a mark. My hands was in motion and the ideas in my mind, overflowing. Then the sun began to go down the mountain slowly as if not by intention and I felt sad. The little creature with me whimpered, leaping down from the window and rapping himself around me. The sun disappeared but the inspiration she left behind remained. But the more time pass, the Inspiration loses its potent. It began to fade like a dew and before I knew it. Darkness have came over the earth and my scroll, filled with marks.

How do you feel watching the setting sun?


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