Our Purpose

The purpose of howinspiratick blog. To make you fulfilled and happy

Inspiration Is that unexplainable feeling that grasp you when you are in contact with nature. That euphoric intuition that runs within when you behold something of immense interest and you feel like being part of it. Is that terrific urge that suddenly comes,

overwhelming you, prompting you to do the impossible, to believe in your ability and ultimately, get things done with so much confidence. It arouses your mind to an unusual activity and tends to unleash the creativity within. Inspiration gives you a reason to appreciate life, love and yourself.

I could go on and on to paint a vivid picture of  how inspiration works without spinning of the wheel of its tremendous power. Inspiration tends to come in the most unlikeliest ways. Sometimes it hits you when you hear a soothing song. Maybe when shopping or perhaps, when you behold a picture with hidden meanings locked inside like in my case. It might hit you when listening to an enlivening speech or watching a movie about achievements, success or reading inspirational stories of great men and women of all times. The major end product of inspiration is that it prompts you to action and lands you to happiness.

One of the core purpose of this blog is to hugely inspire you into achieving greatness, success and fulfilment in life irrespective of the failures in the past. There are a lot of blogs out there that specialises on entertainment, technology, Foods, Politics, sports, movies, fictitious stories and so many others. They are quite good for our social life. In fact, I have bookmarked a handful of them but let’s not allow our purpose of existence to suffer in expense of pleasure; there must be a balance.

All it takes to make you inspiratick is just a little inspiration! Is a daily battle indeed. A writer like me needs inspiration more than anything in the world in other to write terrific articles. A singer needs it. An artist needs it. A student needs it to be productive. A worker needs to be efficient and effective. We all needs it! It cuts across all ages and class. When we run short of it, the well of creativity dries up. We reach our writers block. It seems as if we have explored all that needs to be explored whereas we are wrong. There is an endless list of undiscoverable things. You can’t discover them all, but don’t slum in the ground when everything seems found. Such feeling comes when inspiration goes.

Am going to be posting new and worthy articles that centres on inspiration, motivation and self development every Wednesdays. Saturday night will be a refreshing night indeed, just a day you sit down on your couch and entertain yourself with stories that captivates your soul while Sundays will be for faith articles., articles about the supernatural. All the articles boils down to inspiration and you can’t afford to miss them.

If you have an article and wish to publish it on this blog – guest post, i will be more than grateful to do just that with credit to you.

Why not inspire me by bookmarking and subscribing to this blog today? And I will in turn inspire you with inspirational articles and stories that makes your day. Please, don’t leave without drawing a mark – without leaving your comment. Don’t leave without sharing our post. What’s love if we can’t inspire the people around us?

In my own part, I will try my possible best to remain consistent in the regular update of this blog with you in mind. Not just an update, but one that leaves you craving for more.

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I love you so much!


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