Is suicide the best option?


Failures, disappointments, heartbreaks, diseases and problems plaguing the world today has made suicide an option only to the depressed mind. These triggers keeps creeping into our lives every now and then, even when you don’t expect them.

I recently came across a post on a public forum where the poster, a young man in his early twenties was seeking for an easy and painless way to die. It will be heartbreaking and a huge lost if he succeed in accomplishing that atrocious act. Do you know why? Because that young man has the destinies of individuals in his palms. Persons he was meant to help in discovering their path in life. If he’s to terminated his, then he has terminated those destinies connected to him unless God provides a substitute.

We all have had our share of bitterness, hurt and pain. We have in one time in our life lose something so dear and precious. We have made mistakes. Mistakes that is likely to haunt us till grave. But taking our life is never among the option.

Death is merely a transition to another realm of existence. A realm your mortal eyes haven’t beheld nor your nostrils perceived. A realm where your stand is unsure and uncertain. Taking your life is like jumping intentionally from a frying pan to fire. That’s a mistake you must never make.

Whatever might be the trigger of such negative thought should be fought. You are not a coward, so don’t act like one. Face your plight with boldness expecting a light at the end of the tunnel. To reach the top of the mountain, you have to use obstacles. These obstacles aren’t there to stop you but to act as stepping stones.

Last two years, i was battling with suicidal thought after taking jamb for three consecutive times without admission into college. I was tired and downcast. My mates are already undergraduates whereas am still struggling for admission. The expectations from every angle were consuming and even added to my burden. I wanted to give up. I wanted to yield cause I felt defected. Despite that, the fire within got rekindled when my uncle gave me the book “Life is unfair but God is good” by Robert Schuller. From that moment, I discovered a reason to live. To keep pressing forward despite all odds. Now, looking back, am really glad I never gave in to quit or suicide.

The future holds a lot of goodies, happiness, awesome surprises and also, new challenges and answers. You can never find out if you quit now. You won’t find that green pasture if you remain in that pit. You might have made mistakes, we all have that we wished we can turn back the hand of clock and undo the errors. Don’t allow your mistakes bring you down. If I had terminated my life long ago, I won’t have met these fabulous friends in school, I won’t have started this blog with wonderful readers like you. There’s indeed a lot of things that would have remained undiscovered.

Without ups and downs, you will never reach your destination in life. You will even end up meeting the wrong people, going the wrong places and worst, dwelling in unfulfillment.

What if you aren’t feeling suicidal? Then you can help someone with such thoughts, but how? There are warning signs that someone close to you might be thinking of taking his or her life. They include:

• Withdrawal From family and friends

• A change in eating and sleeping pattern

• Giving away prized possessions

• A loss of interest in activities that were once pleasurable

• A marked change in personality

• Drug or alcohol abuse

• Taking about death or being preoccupied with subjects related to it.

If you are able to save a life or that of someone battling with suicide. Believe me, you are a saviour.

Now ask yourself again; is suicide the only option?


6 thoughts on “Is suicide the best option?

  1. Thank you for writing about an important issue that many more battle than they admit. I have struggled with this myself and have found many are afraid to discuss suicide. They often consider the person who commits a coward so when someone is battling these thoughts they are afraid to share their feelings because they already feel bad enough without having someone condemning them. But we need to get over this and share what is bothering us so we can get he help and find we are loved more than we ever realized.

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    1. I too was a victim. Nearly committed suicide but my willpower to succeed in life was just too strong or perhaps, God hasn’t finished with me yet. Right now, the things which has depress me are nowhere to be found.

      I know how it feels to battle with suicidal thoughts so, decided to write on it.

      Thanks for coming around, looking forward to seeing you more often.

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      1. I have shared my testimony about my attempts but found that I was judged even more harshly afterward, yet I know it is part of my testimony and that when I share my story it might be what just one person may need to hear to give the encouragement they need to go on. In my last attempt I had tried to hang myself. I told God I was sorry as I kicked the stool out from underneath of me. I was so tired of being hurt and the constant pain I just wanted it to end. Well as you can tell from my writing to you that it did not work. Instead of hanging I ended up on my rear end throwing a temper tantrum because the belt I used stretched till I was on the ground. I was so angry that I couldn’t even do this right I pounded the floor with my fist till I heard a voice ask me ‘Are you done yet?’ My response was “I guess so since nothing I try works.” I knew in that moment God wasn’t done with me yet and that no matter how bad things are I have to trust in Him. This doesn’t mean I don’t still battle these thoughts but I remember God kept me alive for a reason and with all the pain and rejection Jesus suffered for me who am I to throw away my life. He knows my pain and my frustration. He hurts right alongside with me,and He gives me His shoulder to cry on. I often tell Him that He believes in me a lot more than I believe in myself or Him.So I ask daily for my faith to be increased and for His love to fill me.

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      2. What a powerful testimony, i honestly feel like crying, because the mercy and love of God is immeasurable. He kept you alive for a purpose, you might or might not have discovered it yet, but he will always guide you into its fulfillment. Sometimes we ask, “if there’s God, why is there so much suffering in the world? Why so much pain?” I could remember when my mum died, it wasn’t a pleasant experience i must say.

        She was everything to me, the bond i had with her was indeed strong and unusual in my case. I watched her gave up that night, i watch her life force fade away and i cried. Although she had suffered terribly in the hands of that sickness for years, death relieved her of her pains. But i still miss her talks, jokes and smiles and it hurts terribly.

        Sometimes, my mind will began to wander “My mum will never get to see me grow into a man, grow into what she will be proud of” she suffered and yet, did not reap her fruit. It hurts but all is well. Everything happens for a reason. Keep pressing forward.

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  2. I pray for God to comfort you in your loss. I understand this pain it has been 4 years since my Mom died of a massive stroke and I still want to pick up the phone and hear her voice every Thursday. I found peace and hope a year and a half after she passed when I received an email with a video clip of the church where she had given her heart to Jesus. She may be gone from this world but she is waiting for me with our Heavenly Father and I believe your mother is with them waiting patiently for you to join her when the time comes. This is part of the hope that keeps me going.

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