How to live happier everyday


I have known her for years but in spite of that, I have never for a day seen her face Moody, angry or squeezed. Always laughing, playful,accompanied with a glowing face. Even when I tried to make her angry, to see the angry part of her.
She sees it as a joke and I wonder if she’s really human or quiet alright. You might think she has it all but she doesn’t. In terms of materialism and comfortability, am better than her. Yet, her life is so much filled with happiness that might sometimes, make you envious. An usual urge prompted me to ask her the secret and her reply was mind blowing.

“You don’t wait till everything gets alright to be happy. Just be happy cause that’s the secret of conquering. That’s the only gift you can give to yourself.”

After that reply, I nodded my head in approval.

You don’t wait till you get that job, that husband, that money, that child before you fill your life with happiness. You don’t wait till that storm have passed before you put up a radiant face. You don’t wait till you pass that exam. Happiness is just a gift that only you can give. If you are waiting for someone to fill you with happiness, my dear, you are tying to do the impossible.

Happiness isn’t a sign of comfortability but a choice you have to make daily. Despite the fact that our environment is filled with factors capable of swaying our emotions, you have to decide to be happy. If you haven’t decided, your emotions will be like the weaving of the sea.

But how does a sadist find happiness? Believe me, they don’t. Someone who’s aim is to make others sad is sadness himself. If you derive pleasure in the sadness of others, then happiness is out of reach for you. But making others happy makes you happier. Knowing that your are putting a smile on someone’s face is fills you with an aura of love.

What if your life is filled with so much sadness right now? What if sadness have left a scar? What if your second name is sadness? Don’t worry, I have some tips for you but take note: Is your decision to make.

* Love who you are – Do you usually find yourself sad whenever you look at the mirror? Maybe you wish you can change the shape of your nose, eye or even the shape of your head. Frankly speaking, you don’t need those to be happy. Happiness is something that comes from within irrespective of your physical flaws or background. Be contented with whatever you have and who you are. Be happy about it.

* Smile more often – it could appear fake but the more you smile, the more real it becomes. Think about those little achievements. Compliment yourself, see that uniqueness others can’t see in you. Don’t be so blind not to see it. Look again and you will see how rare you are.

* Do the things you love – Which activities gives you joy? What hobby do you engage in that makes you feel relieved and happy? Is time to do them more often dear. I love singing, when my throat gets sore, I switch to movies or games. Try doing yours and see how happy you will be.

* Spread it around! – Happiness is a powerful aura. Even without your permission, people around catches it. Keep on spreading it. Make everyone around happy if possible. The more you do that, the more you get happier. Joke, laugh, play around a little. You deserve to be happy.

* Keep doing it – You don’t have to stop. You have to keep doing it, not only for yourself, but for the people around you. Is not a day battle, but an everyday battle. Keep doing it until it becomes part of who you are.

Being happy is not a birthright but a choice and happily, you can make that choice. Decide to be happy and you will see your life soaring smoothly like an eagle. You will see yourself filled with happiness even in the face of crisis and pain. You really deserve to be happy. Please be happy. That’s probably the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself.


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